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Research Interests

The greatest beauty and value of statistics stem from its role in collaborative crossdisciplinary research. My current research interests include statistical disclosure limitation, algebraic statistics, characterization of discrete distributions, application of statistics to social sciences.



Learning results from what the student does and thinks and only from what the student does and thinks. The teacher can advance learning only by influencing what the student does to learn. ~ Herbert A. Simon


CV & Bio

Being a successful statistical researcher and educator requires two key components: the ability to find the link between theory and practice, and the ability to become immersed in the data and the context of the problem.



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Melancholia I by Albrecht Dürer

"One of the four temperaments, she holds the tool of geometry, yet is surrounded by chaos. She thinks, but cannot act, while the infant scrawling on the slate, who symbolizes Practical Knowledge, can act but not think. This is then, the melancholia of an artist. He cannot achieve perfect beauty, which is known only to God, because he cannot extend his thinking beyond the limitations of space and the physical world." ~ History of Art by H.W. Janson, A. Janson