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Klasee - The Class Management App, Designed for WP7

Designed By Adam Last, ajlpiano1@gmail.com

Problem: Students often need vast amounts of information pertaining to a certain class (documents, lecture video, due dates, grades, etc) all at once. Currently, separate apps must be launched and navigated to retrieve these different types of information individually.
Solution: Klasee acts as a hub to navigate directly to information for every class, such that each app can be launched directly into the desired information. It is anticipated that this model can be applied outside of the student model, such as a "Bisee" app (that I am also developing) for businesses managing muliple accounts, for instance.
Practical Example: A student is waiting for the bus and wants to study for an upcoming test. Now, the student can launch Klasee, and quickly navigate to the recording of the most recent lecture. When the lecturer references the lecture notes, the student simlpy hits the back button to go back into Klasee and find the quick access link to the lecture notes on their SkyDrive. When the student cannot find the answer in the lecture notes, they bring up the list of classmates stored on Klasee to send a text to a classmate of their choosing, or send a group email to all classmates.
NOTE: Since this is only a mock-up demonstration of Klasee, there is potential for the Silverlight mock-up to freeze or malfunction if navigation occurs too fast. Should this occur, hit the refresh button at the top left of the Silverlight application, or refresh the webpage in the browser. Every blue and red button within the Klasee application should have a destination, if you click a button and it does not navigate, the app demo has frozen and needs to be refreshed.