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Conference Proceedings

1.     Overpartitions and generating functions for generalized Frobenius partitions (with S. Corteel and J. Lovejoy), Trends Math. (Birkhauser), 15-24, 2004.


1. Some Hecke-Rogers type identities (with L. Wang), submitted for publication.

2. Truncated Hecke-Rogers type series (with C. Wang), submitted for publication.

3. Truncated Jacobi's triple product identity (with C. Wang), submitted for publication.

4. Singular overpartition and partitions with prescribed hook differences (with S. Seo), submitted for publication.

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7. Truncated Hecke-Rogers type series-PartII  (with C. Wang), submitted for publication.

8. Truncated Theorems (with S. H. Chan),  preprint.

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