Online Discussions

Two computers talking to each other.

How do you craft a discussion question that elicits the level of thinking/learning that you want?

Well-defined discussion questions and their appropriate use not only help students understand content on a basic level but also can guide them in elaborative and critical thinking about content.

What NOT To Do

Watch this video to see what can go wrong in an online discussion!


Online discussions offer the following benefits:

Discussion Questions Purposes

Varied types of questions can help create the appropriate learning environment for your students. Questions can ask students to:

Discussion Questions Levels

Varied cognitive-level question types can help fine tune your questions for your students. Questions can:

You'll notice that these types of questions relate directly to Bloom's Taxomony of Educational Objectives, Cognitive Domain.

Use the links in the Types menu to learn how to compose these types of questions, or just proceed to the next page to learn about them.