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To download the following packages, right-mouse click the desired software and select "Save target as..." from the pop-up menu. With some files you will need to unzip the installation package to your disk before you can install it.

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE for the use of these programs and/or the results obtained by using them. These software are made available "AS IS", with no implicit or explicit guarantee or warantee. Please feel free to copy them but mention the author. THIS SOFTWARE IS FOR EDUCATIONAL USE ONLY.

Instructions for Installing Windows-based Software
This software is a windows-based program, which has been archived in self-extracting file format. For WolfPack, the file is "WolfPack_Setup.exe", Adjust is "Adjust_setup.exe", for Matrix it is "Matrix_setup.exe" and for Stats it is "Stats_Setup.exe". Download the desired file to a temporary directory, and run the appropriate program in your "explorer" or "file management" software. The software will walk you through the remainder of the installation in Windows.