Statistics 460
Intermediate Applied Statistics
Spring 2000

General Information

General Information - Course Outline - HW Assignments

You can see the final exam with solutions in postscript or pdf format.
I'll be in my office later this morning (Friday) so you can pick up your final exams. I'll be in by 11:00.
I've recently starting posting the overheads I use in class.
SCHEDULE: MWF 3:35-4:25 PM in 117 Thomas

INSTRUCTOR: David Hunter, 310 Thomas Building, 863-0979,
OFFICE HOURS: Tues 10:00-11:00 AM, Thurs 2:30-3:30 PM, or by appointment

ASSISTANT: Efi Antoniou, 316 Thomas Building, 863-3238,
OFFICE HOURS: MW 11:00-12:00

REQUIRED TEXT: Ramsey, Fred L. and Schafer, Daniel W. (1997). The Statistical Sleuth: A Course in Methods of Data Analysis. Duxbury Press.

MINITAB Handbook, 1994, by Ryan and Joiner, 3rd Edition, Duxbury
MINITAB Reference Manual, 1992, Release 9
MINITAB Quality Control Manual, 1992, Release 9
MINITAB Graphics Manual, 1992, Release 9

COURSE OBJECTIVE: This course covers various topics in the application of statistics to research. Although there will be some review of material seen in introductory statistics classes, such review will move quickly because students are assumed to have learned introductory material previously. Because of the applied focus of the class, a strong emphasis will be placed on case studies; this emphasis is evident in the textbook for the course. The following quotation from the preface of the textbook sums up the course objective well:

"The level of sophistication for this text is high when it comes to models and methods needed to analyze data and interpret results, but low when it comes to mathematics. Our foremost concern is that future researchers learn proper approaches for conducting the statistical aspects of their research."

SUMMARY OF COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Requirements for the course include five in-class quizzes, homework assignments (some of which involve the use of a computer), an in-class midterm, and a final exam.

Quizzes 20%
Homework 30%
Midterm 20%
Final 30%

QUIZZES: Five quizzes will be given during class on unannounced days. The quizzes will cover material from the most recent homework turned in or notes from sections covered by that homework. Each quiz will be worth 5 points; the lowest quiz grade will be dropped.

COMPUTING ASSIGNMENTS, USING MINITAB: To use the personal computers on campus, you must obtain an Access Account. Students who are registered for one or more credits are automatically assigned an Access Account. To request activation of the account, students must present a Penn State photo ID to CAC staff at 12 Willard Building, 215 Computer Building, 230 Computer Building or any CAC lab in which a lab attendant is on duty. Normally the account is ready within 24 hours. Minitab will be an integral part of the homework during the later part of the course. Minitab is freely available on Penn State PCs and Macs. The windows PC version of Minitab has the best features and its use is encouraged.

For personal use, a student may purchase a copy of Minitab through the University Micro Computer Center in 12 Willard Bldg for about $80. It is a useful software package even for work outside this course. Alternatively, a temporary Minitab license which expires on August 31, 2000 is available from for $26.

HOMEWORK: Weekly homework will be assigned in class on Fridays and will typically comprise 6-10 problems from the text and/or MINITAB exercises. These homework problems will then be due the following Friday in class. Homework assignments can also be obtained through the Stat 460 World Wide Web (WWW) Homepage (see below). Solutions for all homeworks can be found on the Stat 460 WWW Homepage.

In order to receive credit, homework must be handed in before 5:00 PM the Friday it is due. If you will be gone the Friday homework is due, you must arrange to hand it in before then. The only exceptions are cases in which you arrange an extension with me, which must be done by Wednesday before the homework is due.

I will not accept late homework for credit. At the end of the term, your lowest homework grade will be dropped.

FINAL EXAM The final exam will be comprehensive. Because of this it will be an open book and open note format.

INFORMATION THROUGH NETSCAPE Quite a bit of course information (including this handout) will be disseminated via the web, so I assume that you will be able to find it. If you are unfamiliar with the use of a web browser such as Netscape, please ask a classmate or me.

The course homepage is

SICKNESS AND COMPASSIONATE WAIVERS: The policies outlined above regarding quizzes and homeworks will be strictly enforced, even in the case of missed class due to sickness (this is because you are allowed to drop one quiz grade and one homework grade). In unusual circumstances, I may override these policies; such decisions will be solely at my discretion.

ACADEMIC INTEGRITY: The University policy on academic integrity, covering cheating, plagiarizing, and other acts of academic dishonesty, given in Section 49-20 of the Student Guide on Policies and Rules of the University, will be adhered to in this course.

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