STAT 470: Problem Solving and Communication in Applied Statistics

Section 001, Fall 2018

Most course materials will be found on canvas. The official course syllabus (also available in pdf) is hosted on this website.

Official University Bulletin Course Description

This is a capstone course intended primarily for undergraduate statistics majors in their last semester prior to graduation. The course is designed to reinforce problem solving and communication skills through development of writing ability, interaction with peers and the SCC, statistical consulting center (SCC), and oral presentations. Course objectives are tailored to the needs of each cohort and may include the application of statistical reasoning to real-world problems and case studies, recognition or recommendation of appropriate experimental designs, proficient use of ANOVA GLMs with understanding of associated modeling assumptions, ability to identify concerns about the use or interpretation of statistical models in context, and both written and verbal communication of statistical findings.


STAT 461 and STAT 462 and 7th Semester standing or higher and proficiency with R, SAS, or equivalent

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