Here is some computer code referred to in papers I've coauthored.
  1. C++ code (written by Duy Vu) for model-based clustering of large networks from a 2012 paper with Duy Vu and Michael Schweinberger
  2. C++ code (written by Duy Vu) for dynamic egocentric models for citation networks from a 2011 paper with Duy Vu, Arthur Asuncion, and Padhraic Smyth
  3. R code for Mixtures of symmetric distributions from a 2007 paper with Shaoli Wang and Tom Hettmansperger
  4. MATLAB code Bradley-Terry model estimation from a 2004 paper
  5. MATLAB code for Proportional odds model estimation from a 2002 paper with Ken Lange
  6. MATLAB code for Quantile regression from a 2000 paper with Ken Lange