Dongsheng Luo (骆东升)

Ph.D. Candidate
College of Information Science and Technology
The Pennsylvania State University
Email: where x = dul262
Office: E338 Westgate Building, State College, PA, 16802.

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Short bio

I am currently a first second third year Ph.D. student at the College of Information Science and Technology, Pennsylvania State University, supervised by Prof. Xiang Zhang. I obtained my B.Eng degree in computer science and technology from Beihang University in 2017, supervised by Prof. Shuai Ma. I was an exchange student at Technical University of Munich, Munich, Germany. My research focuses on graph mining and graph related deep learning.

Research Interests

Graph Mining, Multi-network Analysis, Deep Learning, Big Data Analysis


Deep Multi-Graph Clustering via Attentive Cross-Graph Association [pdf][poster][code]
Dongsheng Luo, Jingchao Ni, Suhang Wang, Yuchen Bian, Xiong Yu and Xiang Zhang
WSDM, 2020

Memory-Based Random Walk for Multi-Query Local Community Detection
Yuchen Bian*, Dongsheng Luo*, Yaowei Yan, Wei Cheng, Wei Wang, and Xiang Zhang
KAIS, 2019 (Extended version of the ICDM'2018 paper)

Constrained Local Graph Clustering by Colored Random Walk
Yaowei Yan, Yuchen Bian, Dongsheng Luo, Dongwon Lee, and Xiang Zhang
WWW, 2019

Spatio-Temporal Attentive RNN for Node Classification in Temporal Attributed Graphs
Dongkuan Xu, Wei Cheng, Dongsheng Luo, Xiao Liu, Xiang Zhang
IJCAI, 2019

Adaptive Neural Network for Node Classification in Dynamic Networks
Dongkuan Xu, Wei Cheng, Dongsheng Luo, Yameng Gu, Xiao Liu, Jingchao Ni, Bo Zong, Haifeng Chen, Xiang Zhang.
ICDM, 2019

On Multi-Query Local Community Detection [code]
Yuchen Bian, Yaowei Yan, Wei Cheng, Wei Wang, Dongsheng Luo, and Xiang Zhang
ICDM, 2018 (Best Paper Candidate)

Query Independent Scholarly Article Ranking
Shuai Ma, Chen Gong, Renjun Hu, Dongsheng Luo, Chunming Hu, and Jinpeng Huai
ICDE, 2018

Local Graph Clustering by Multi-Network Random Walk with Restart [code]
Yaowei Yan, Dongsheng Luo, Jingchao Ni, Hongliang Fei, Wei Fan, Xiong Yu, John Yen, and Xiang Zhang
PAKDD, 2018

Ensemble Enabled Weighted PageRank[pdf]
Dongsheng Luo, Chen Gong, Renjun Hu, Liang Duan, and Shuai Ma
The WSDM Cup 2016 - Entity Ranking Challenge, San Francisco, CA, USA, 2016. (The 2nd place in the final ranking)

Research Experiences

College of Information Sciences and Technology, The Pennsylvania State University, PA, U.S.
Graduate Research Assistant, Aug. 2017 - Present
Supervisor: Prof. Xiang Zhang

Big Data Lab, Baidu Research, Beijing, China
Intern, Jun. 2019 - Sep. 2019
Supervisor: Prof. Jun (Luke) Huan
Topic: Recommendation System

Institute of Advanced Computing Technology, Beihang University, Beijing, China
Undergraduate Intern, Jul. 2015 - Jun. 2017
Supervisor: Prof. Shuai Ma
Topic: Scholarly article ranking & scholarly name disambiguation.

Professional Services

External Conference reviewer:
ICDM'18, KDD'18, SDM'18, WSDM'19, AAAI'19, SDM'19, KDD'19, CIKM'19, ICDM'19, WSDM'20, AAAI'20, WWW'20, SDM'20

Honors and Awards

Best Paper Award Candidate, ICDM, 2018
Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award of Beijing City, 2017
CSC Outstanding Undergraduate Exchange Program Award, 2016
WSDM Cup 2016 – Entity Ranking Challenge the 2nd place in the final ranking, 2016
China National Undergraduate Scholarship: 2014, 2015

Some links

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