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Lesson 7: Boil Dumplings

On this page, you will learn how to boil the dumplings.

7.1 Prepare a pot with a cover

7.2 Prepare boil water

7.2.1 Fill the into the pot, the water level is 4/5 of the pot.

7.2.2 put the pot on the stove

7.2.3 Open the stove to the highest degree.

7.3 Boil dumplings

7.3.1 Put the dumplings into the pot when the water boils

When the water boils, put 20 dumplings into the water one by one.

7.3.2 Stir the dumplings gently using a turner

Stir the dumplings gently from the edge of the pot on the bottom with slow speed. Keep the stove highest degree.

7.3.3 Put the cover on the pot for 2 minutes

7.3.4 Stir the dumpling again

7.3.4 Take the dumplings out of the pot using a strainer

when the water boils again, you will see all dumplings floating on the surface of the boiling water, turn the stove a little bit lower degree, wait for 1 minute, and then take them out using a strainer, and put the well done dumplings in a plate.

You can also watch the movie to see some detail by click the link below (Note: After the screen pops up, you can move the window around as you like by drag the window).

Play real

Now, you can enjoy the Chinese dumplings made by yourself with your family (3 ~ 4 people) for the dumpling dinner. If you like, you can eat the dumpling with some sauce. Making this sauce is prety easy, just put some soy sauce, choped garlic, and 1/4 tea spoon semame oil into a rice bowl. An then everything is ready.


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