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EPADEL:A Semisesquicentennial History, 1926-2000

Section 4.3 Speakers

Table 4.3.1 lists information about the invited lectures at the annual meetings of the Philadelphia Section from 1933 to 1941. During those nine years the section sponsored 38 addresses by 32 individuals associated with 19 different institutions. The table reveals that four different faculty members from the University of Pennsylvania presented a total of six lectures in this period, with James Shohat and Hans Rademacher speaking twice, and James A. Clarkson and E. E. Witmer once each. Shohat and Rademacher are profiled at the end of the chapter. Next came Princeton University with three different speakers who delivered four talks: Samuel S. Wilks (2), Salomon Bochner, and Albert W. Tucker.
Table 4.3.1.
Year Speaker Institution Title
1933 Starke Rutgers Binomial congruences
Brinkmann Swarthmore The interpretation of imaginaries in projective geometry
Wilder Michigan Connectivity of spaces
Kasner Columbia Polygons and groups
1934 Shohat Penn On some applications of Taylor’s Formula
Oakley Haverford On successive approximations in differential equations
Benner Lafayette Some geometry associated with \(\displaystyle \lim_{N\rightarrow\infty}\left(1+\frac{1}{N}\right)^N\)
Moore IAS Mathematics and poetry
1935 Bailey Lafayette Collegiate curricula in mathematics in this section
Witmer Penn Quantum mechanics
Hedlund Bryn Mawr A macroanalysis of some simple dynamical systems
Rau Moravian The teaching of mathematics in the Pennsylvania German schools
Bochner Princeton Almost-periodic functions
1936 Clarkson Penn Remarks on abstract spaces
Cairns Lehigh Triangulations and related problems
Wilks Princeton Inverse probability and fiducial inference
Murray F&M The undergraduate comprehensive exam
1937 Grant Rutgers Farey series
Owens, F. Penn State Some multiple perspective relationships
Rademacher Rademacher On the Bernoulli numbers and the Von Staudt- Clausen theorem
Wheeler, A.H. H S Mass. Stellated polyhedra, illustrated with models
1938 Wheeler, A. P Bryn Mawr Functions and sequences
Tucker Princeton Undergraduate courses in topology and other phases of geometry
Carpenter Ger. Acad. Meeting the challenge to secondary mathematics
Yates Maryland Linkages
1939 Lehmer Lehigh Mechanical aids in the theory of numbers
Oakley Haverford Equations of polygonal configurations
Shohat Penn Orthogonal polynomials in relation to Lagrangian and Hermitian interpolation
Johnson Library Old mathematical books and instruments in the Schwenkfelder Library
Owens, H. Penn State Mathematics clubs, old and new
1940 Oxtoby Bryn Mawr Transitive flows
Vanderslice Lehigh Modern methods in differential geometry
Rademacher Penn On Dedekind sums
Wilks Princeton Statistics involved in College Entrance Exams
1941 Bailey Lafayette The problem of the square pyramid
Brinkmann Swarthmore Cubic congruences
Maker Rutgers Recent developments in the Cauchy theory of analytic functions
Courant NYU Problems of stability and instability demonstrated by soap film experiments
Table 4.3.2 provides affiliations for the remaining institutions that housed more than one speaker. Bryn Mawr College, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, and Rutgers University accounted for three lectures each. In addition, Haverford College, Swarthmore College, and the Pennsylvania State University each accounted for two lectures. It is notable that the two speakers from Penn State were the husband-and-wife team of Frederick and Helen Owens.
Table 4.3.2.
Institution Speakers
Bryn Mawr Hedlund, Oxtoby, Wheeler
Haverford Oakley (2)
Lafayette Bailey (2), Benne
Lehigh Cairns, Lehmer, Vanderslice
Penn State F. Owens, H. Owens
Rutgers Grant, Maker, Starke
Swarthmore Brinkmann (2)
Of the remaining 10 institutions that housed one speaker each, four lie within the Philadelphia Section: Moravian College, Franklin & Marshall College, Germantown Academy (a private high school in Philadelphia), and the Schwenkfelder Library.