Erica Hollis

State College, PA


Seeking a full time position in the field of software engineering,

  • Skilled at working in a UNIX or Windows administrative environment
  • Strong knowledge of programming concepts and algorithms
  • Works well in teams or independently, with a passion for problem solving and learning new skills

The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Minor in Mathematics, December 2012

Selected Courses

Programming and Computer Systems: Operating System Concepts, Programming Language Concepts, Database Management Systems, Theory of Computation, Computer and Network Security
Mathematics: Data Structures and Algorithms, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Factorization and Primality


The Applied Research Lab at Penn State, State College, PA
R&D Engineer, June 2010 - Present

  • Communicates with customers to resolve problems and add features to two project management websites with over 30 webpages each ( and
  • Redesigned the front end of the ( website using the Ruby on Rails programming language web framework, HTML, CSS, and Javascript to create a responsive web design
  • Updates an application using the Perl programming language and wrote an installer using nsis for the Penn Data Special Education Reporting System, a student data collection program for Pennsylvania public schools
  • Works with PostgreSQL and Oracle databases in a Unix environment, including writing SQL commands, creating tables, and migrating databases
  • Writes technical documentation, including instruction sets and user guides
  • Worked full-time during summers and part-time during semesters


Programming languages: C, C++, Java, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Javascript & JSON, CSS, MIPS, Matlab
Source Code Control: Subversion, Git
Databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL
Operating Systems: Windows, UNIX/Linux

Awards & Activities:

Timothy and Roseann Kowalski Trustee Scholarship, 2010-2012
President of the American Civil Liberties Union Club, 2012