Welcome to my website!

Hi!  My name is Erica Hollis and I'm a junior at Penn State University.  I plan to obtain a bachelor's degree in computer science in May 2012.

This website began as a class project for a Penn State course called Technical Writing.  In this course, our class was a part of an iPad research project.  We all received iPads to use for writing, editing, and storing files.  We then reflected on these and other iPad uses through blog posts on this website as well as in a report, which can be found under "Projects" on this site.

Besides the iPad report, other writing assignments from the technical writing class can be found under the "Projects" tab, as well as some projects from other classes.  A reflection about the Technical Writing course, projects included on this site, and my career can be found under the "Reflections" tab. Please learn more about me by checking out the "about me" tab.

Thanks for visiting my e-portfolio!

Banner image: personal image taken at the Outer Banks, NC

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