Welcome to Hudson Lab at Penn State University

Our primary research focuses on understanding properties of exotic superconductors and other complex materials using scanning tunneling microscopy.

We are currently in the process of setting up two instruments, both low temperature, cryocooler based systems. The first is a renovation of an instrument we have used for several years at MIT. This system is currently running at room temperature, and will soon operate at 4K.

The second is a brand new ultra-low temperature, high magnetic field, broad-use SPM system. We welcome your feedback during the design and construction process. While investigating properties of exotic superconductors, we had been looking to better understand the high temperature superconductor (HTS) phase diagram. Of particular interest was determining how the superconducting phase is linked to the pseudogap in the phase diagram. We believe the key to understanding their relationship lies in observing spectroscopic changes in local density of states on the same atomic resolved location as a function of temperature -- a novel ability made possible by our custom instrument.

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Last Updated:
Feb 4, 2014

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