Rob Frieden
Pioneers Chair and Professor of Telecommunications and Law
Penn State University
102 Carnegie Building
University Park, PA 16802
+1 814 863-7996; e-mail:

Rob Frieden holds the Pioneers Chair and serves as Professor of Telecommunications and Law at Penn State University.  He teaches courses in the law, regulation, management and technology of telecommunications and the Internet.  He also provides consultancy services in a variety of areas including business development, forecasting, next generation networks, Internet commerce, cybersecurity, privacy, the Internet of Things and regulatory reform.  Professor Frieden has written four books, published over one hundred articles in academic journals and regularly handles queries from journalists. 

My curriculum vitae is available at: Frieden CV; my resume: Frieden Resume; and Penn State profiles: Bellisario College of Communications and Penn State School of Law


TeleFrieden the Blog

        I have created a provocative blog containing my thoughts and analyses of information, communications and entertainment ("ICE") issues.  See  The blog will concentrate on important legal, regulatory, marketplace and cultural issues that warrant closer scrutiny particularly in light of the proliferation of "research" that supports a particular stakeholder's viewpoint without having disclosed direct or indirect financial sponsorship.

Best Practices Toolkits for the World Bank

       I have helped prepare two quite helpful primers on regulatory and broadband development best practices organized by the World Bank's InfoDev unit. See: ICT Regulation Toolkit and Broadband Strategies Toolkit.

Recent Conference Presentations (most in Powerpoint)

WRC-19 and 5G Spectrum Planning, A presentation at the 47th Annual Research Conference on Communications, Information and Internet Policy, American University, Washington, D.C. (September 20, 2019); available at: 5G Presentation.


An Introduction to Data Property Rights, A presentation at the Beijing University

of Posts and Telecommunications (13 June 2019); available at: BUPT Data Protection Presentation.

The Internet of Platforms and Two-Sided Markets: Implications for Competition and Consumers, A presentation at Internet Law Works-in-Progress, New York Law School, New York, N.Y. (March 24, 2018); available at: Internet Platforms.

Freedom to Discriminate: Assessing the Lawfulness and Utility
of Biased Broadband Networks
, A presentation at the 28th European Regional Conference of the International Telecommunications Society, Passau, GERMANY, (July 30, 2017); available at: Biased Networks.

Standards Prospective: Big Data and Internet of Things—Promoting Interoperability via Open Standards and Semantic Technologies, A presentation at the ITU Workshop on Internet of Things Applications for Development  Port of Spain, TRINIDAD and TOBAGO (April 25, 2017); available at: Internet of Things Interoperability.

The Mixed Blessing in Subsidized Internet Access, A presentation at the 7th Annual Workshop on Internet Economics, Center for Applied Internet Data Analysis, University of California-San Diego, La Jolla, CA (Dec. 9, 2016); available at: Zero Rating Presentation.

Introduction to International Telecommunications Law—Satellites; available at: Satellite Basics.

Thoughts on Best Practices Implementation of Initiatives for the Americas Created at the 2014 World Telecommunications Development Conference and in the Dubai Action Plan, a presentation at 2016 Americas Regional Development Forum, Brasilia, BRAZIL  (June 15, 2016); available at: ICT Development Priorities.

Machine-to-Machine, Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing and New Business Opportunities, a presentation at the ITU/BDT Regional Economic and Financial Forum of Telecommunications/ICTs for Latin America and the Caribbean, Brasilia, BRAZIL  (June 14, 2016); available at: Brazil ITU Presentation.

Conflict in the Networks of Networks: How Internet Service Providers Have Shifted From Partners to Adversaries, a presentation at the 2016 Annual Scientific Seminar on the Economics, Law and Policy of Communications Media: Competition and Regulation in Infrastructure and Digital Markets, European University Institute, Florence, ITALY (March 18, 2016); available at: 2016 EUI Presentation.

Teaching IP to Non-Law Students, a Presentation at the 110th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Schools New York, NY (Jan. 9, 2016); available at: AALS 2016 Presentation.ppt.

Broadband Law and Policy

        I am co-author of, and provide biannual updates to All About Cable and Broadband, a 650 page comprehensive analysis on the law and policies affecting cable satellite and broadband communications, first published in 1981.

For information about the book, published by Law Journal Press see:




            This course (offered by the Dickinson School of Law and the College of Communications at Penn State) aims to present, investigate, and debate ongoing or anticipated conflicts in specific telecommunications law and policy issues.  We will examine and debate a series of spectrum management, broadcasting, cable television, common carrier, Internet, resource allocation, and technology planning issues.  Students will prepare for each class by reading the assigned materials and generally taking responsibility to understand or pose questions about the positions of all major constituencies or coalitions involved.

            A syllabus is available at: Telecommunications Law and Policy.


Comm 484 Emerging Telecommunications and Information Processing Technologies

Comm 403 Media Law

Comm 489 Current Issues in Information, Communications and Entertainment

Comm 492 Internet Law and Policy

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