Faculty : Dr. Guoray Cai and Dr. Fred Fonseca

Students : Ye Tian, Yimu Pan, Yue Hao

Mission Statement

Spatial Information and Intelligence laboratory supports research activities that integrate computer vision, natural language understanding, human-computer conversation interactions /HCI, geographical information systems /visualization, collaborative systems, and geospatial decision-support technologies to address the grand challenge of large-scale, geocollabrative applications in digital government. Crisis management, and civic engagement.

Active Projects

Understanding Patterns of Analytical Reasoning with Big Data: Towards a Cognitive Foundation of Human-machine Cooperation in Visual Analytics, College of IST Research Seed Grant. 2018-2020, Cai, G. (PI), Zhang, L. (Co-PI)

Geodeliberation: Enabling Democratic Decision-Making in Local Communities Through Place-Based Deliberative Dialogues. National Science Foundation (IIS-1211059) 2012-2018, PI: Cai, G. (PI) and : Carroll, J.M. (Co-PI).

. GeoDeliberation involves the use of advanced information technologies to enhance and expand civic engagement in local communities and governments. The project partners with the State College Borough to understand human and information issues around large-scale public participation of urban planning activities. New understanding from the field research informs the development of GeoDeliberator tool.

Conversational support for Geospatial Analysis

Past Projects

DIALOGUE-ASSISTED VISUAL ENVIRONMENT FOR GEOINFORMATION (DAVE_G): Enabling collaborative information access and decision-making through a natural, multimodal interface. Funded by National Science Foundation (ITR). 2001-2004. PI: Alan M. MacEachren, Co-PIs: Rajeev Sharma & Guoray Cai.

GeoCollaborative Crisis Management (GCCM): Building better systems through advanced technology and deep understanding of technology-enabled group work. Funded by National Science Foundation (ITR). 2003-2006. PI: Alan M. MacEachren, Co-PIs: Rajeev Sharma, Mike McNeese, Guoray Cai, and Sven Furhmann.

ONTOLOGIES IN ACTION: An Information Architecture to Support Investigation of Linked Health-Environment Interactions. Funded by National Science Foundation (ITR). 2002-2005. PI: Mark Gahgen, Co-PIs: Fred Fonseca.


The laboratory, located in room E302 of Westgate Building, hosts computers and multimedia equipments funded by the College of IST and the National Science Foundation. The featuring facilities include GPU machines, 3D sensors, ESRI’s ArcGIS software, Web Application servers and workstations, a large screen display, cameras and wireless microphones, a Tablet PC, and three software development workstations.

Selected Publications