Guided tour on how to import data in EasyReg

EasyReg supports two types of external data files, namely data files in

  1. Excel CSV (comma separated variables) format;
  2. EasyReg space delimited text format.
Both types of files are text files.

Moreover, EasyReg can also create artificial data, retrieve data from the EasyReg database, or search your drives for EASYREG.DAT folders (see next).

The option "Create artificial data" will not be discussed in this guided tour, because this option is intended for my own use, and for advanced EasyReg users.

After having imported the data, EasyReg creates a sub-folder EASYREG.DAT, containing the (random access) data files (INPUT1.RAN and INPUT2.RAN), the output text file OUTPUT.TXT, graphical output files (*.BMP), and various auxiliary files (*.TMP, which will be deleted when you close EasyReg), in the folder where EasyReg has been started up. If you start up EasyReg in a folder already containing the sub-folder EASYREG.DAT, you can continue the previous session.

If you want to work alternatingly on different econometric projects, create a (sub-) folder for each project, and start-up EasyReg in one of these sub-folders. For example, create in drive c: a folder \MyProject, and a sub-folder \MyProject\Project.1, and start-up EasyReg in the latter sub-folder. If this sub-folder does not contain a further sub-folder EASYREG.DAT, EasyReg will create it once you have imported a data file. The next time you start-up EasyReg in folder \MyProject\Project.1, you may continue the EasyReg session, because the input and output files are preserved in EASYREG.DAT. Next, if you want to start a new EasyReg session with another data file, and you are not finished with the first project, create a sub-folder \MyProject\Project.2, say, and start-up EasyReg there. You may create these folders in advance, or after having imported data files.

EasyReg remembers where you have started-up EasyReg the last time, and will automatically move to the folder involved. If you run EasyReg for the first time, the start-up folder is the root folder c:\.

Continue the tour

There are four continuing guided tours on how to import data in EasyReg. However, these guided tours are not automatically included in the EasyReg installation file(s); you have to download them separately to the EasyReg folder, via WWW > Upgrade the EasyReg guided tours. Once you have downloaded these four guided tours, you can continue the guided tours off-line, but these guided tours can also viewed online (after connecting to the Internet, of course).

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