EasyReg International, 2009 version

Differences between the versions February 25, 2008 and October 1, 2009:

Bug repairs

A non-essential bug in module VAR (VAR innovation response analysis) has been repaired.

On monitors with high resolution setting the appearance of EasyReg in full screen mode did not show well. In particular, the controls did not line up. This problem has been fixed. Since this problem occured in all modules, EasyReg has been completely recompiled.

New features

The standard Visual Basic message and input boxes have been replaced by fully rescalable native EasyReg versions.

The guided tours and the help file HELP.HTM are now automatically opened in Internet Explorer, even if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser. The reason is that some of the guided tours contain mathematical and Greek symbols, with are displayed incorrectly in other browsers.
Note: If you have removed Internet Explorer from your PC, EasyReg will try to activate the default web browser. However, I have not been able to check whether this works.

When updating EasyReg and its guided tours via the "WWW" menu, the web pages involved are now automatically opened in Internet Explorer, even if Internet Explorer is not the default web browser. The reason is that Internet Explorer allows to run the self-extracting WinZip EXE files involved directly. Also, EasyReg now automatically checks which EasyReg files have been upgraded. Previously you had to download and execute first a self-extracting WinZip file containing the names and dates of the latest versions of the EasyReg files.

It is no longer necessary to provide EasyReg with the path to the Microsoft Excel executable file EXCEL.EXE. If Excel is installed on your computer, EasyReg is now able to open it directly.

The module (DATAOLD) which imports data files in EasyReg space delimited text format can now also import data files with the same setup but with tab delimited data entries. Upon reading these data files EasyReg now automatically replaces all tabs with spaces. Although it is explicitly stated in the guided tour involved that "Tabs are not allowed as data separators!", I got too many queries from EasyReg users asking why their data files could not be imported in EasyReg, and the reason was often the use of tabs as data separators. The type of tabs EasyReg can handle are the ones created in Notepad and Wordpad. Tabs created in other word processors, for example WordPerfect, may not be recognized by EasyReg.

When you run a Poisson regression (via module LIMDEP) the Cameron-Trivedi test will now be conducted. See
Cameron, A. C. and P.K. Trivedi (1990), Regression-based tests for overdispersion in the Poisson model, Journal of Econometrics 46, 347-364.

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