EasyReg International 2010

Differences between the versions October 1, 2009 and February 20, 2010:


The annoying message that the current version of EasyReg is more than three months old has been removed because I don't have the time to upgrade EasyReg often. Instead, a new item, "Check for upgrades", has been added to the WWW menu which opens the current web page.

The previous versions of EasyReg assumed the presence of a C drive. However, in rare cases there may not be a C drive, or may not be accessible by Windows, for example on computers with multiple operating systems. In that case EasyReg gave an error message and crashed. This problem has now been solved. Instead of looking for the C drive, EasyReg will now look for the first accessible hard drive. Thanks to Greg Barbieri for testing this solution. Consequently, EasyReg can now run on computers with multiple operating systems.

Since the upgrade procedures via the WWW menu requires access to folder c:\Temp, these options are no longer available if the C drive is missing or folder c:\Temp is not accessible by Windows.

Bug repairs

The transformation of variables module TRANS did not allow for negative values of the variable "a" in the transformations max(x,a), min(x,a), the dummy variables and missing value transformations. It does now.

A cosmetic bug in the linear and multiplicative transformation windows of module TRANS has been repaired.

A bug in the quantile regression module QUANTILE has been repaired. The effect of this bug was that multicollinearity was not detected. It is now. Thanks to Shaun McPeck for pointing this out to me.

Differences between the versions February 20, 2010 and April 9, 2010:

Additions and improvements

The selection of the startup folder in the data import modules has been improved. In particular, when you type in a new folder name, EasyReg will now automatically move to it.

It appears that Windows Vista and 7 do not automatically allow programs to write certain types of files to the hard disk, and do not warn the user of the failure to do so. As a result, the message box which urge you to register EasyReg online will then pop-up each time you start EasyReg, because EasyReg tries to write a text file ONLINE.REG to the Temp subfolder in the EasyReg folder to indicate that the user has already registered online or is going to do so. Apparently, files with extension REG are considered suspicious by Windows Vista and 7. Therefore, the name of the file ONLINE.REG as been changed to ONLINE.MSG, but EasyReg will still recognize ONLINE.REG.

Since the URL of the EasyReg mirror site in Brazil has changed, the WWW menu link involved has been updated.

It appears that the daylight time change not only affects the date and time of new files, but also of existing files. As a consequence, the EasyReg upgrade procedures via the WWW menu may list files as older or newer with a date difference of only one day whereas they are actually the same. Now the minimum date difference for files to be listed as older or newer is set to two days.

In module UNITROOT the default ADF order p = [c.n^r] and Newey-West truncation lag m = [c.n^r] are now denoted by p = [c.n^s] and m = [c.n^s], respectively, because some of my undergraduate students were confused by the meaning of "r" in these test and the "r" in ARIMA(p,r,q).

A new module, ICMLIMDEP, as been added as a new option to module LIMDEP. Module ICMLIMDEP tests the validity of Logit, Probit, Poisson, Negative Binomial Logit, and Binomial Logit models via the Simulated Integrated Conditional Moment (SICM) test.

Bug repairs

Due to a change I made in 2009 to accommodate an earlier version of module ICMLIMDEP, a bug was created which disabled the options to re-estimate time series models with ARMA and/of GARCH error. These options are now available again.

A minor bug in the ARIMA model selection module has been repaired. The bug prevented model 0 (white noise) to be selected.

The module ERDATDIR which searches for EASYREG.DAT folders to continue a previous session gave a run-time error 76: Path not found, due to a recent bug. This has been repaired.

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