EasyReg International 2012

Differences between the versions December 3, 2011 and June 17, 2012:


The option in the Johansen's cointegration module to conduct the Bierens-Martins test for time-varying cointegration now also creates plot data for the time-varying cointegrating vector(s). This plot data has to be imported in EasyReg as time series, so that the plots can be made via the time series plot module.

In the auto/cross correlation module the computation of the Box-Pierce Q statistics is now optional, with default option not to compute them.

The upgrade procedures via WWW did not work well under Windows 7. It it has now been replaced with direct downloading procedures instead of the previous procedure via Internet Explorer.

Most EasyReg modules have been updated to fit better on wide screen monitors and lap tops in full screen mode.

Bug repairs

The problem under Windows 7 that some text and label boxes are blacked-out has been fixed.

Differences between the versions June 17 and September 20, 2012:


In the EasyReg upgrade procedure (WWW > Upgrade EasyReg to the latest version) the module ERIUPGRADE.EXE was copied to the subfolder TEMP in the EasyReg folder and then this copy was executed. The reason was to enable ERIUPGRADE.EXE itself to be upgraded. However, the copy TEMP\ERIUPGRADE.EXE may not be able to find the necessary Windows system files to run, in particular in the case of the stand-alone version of EasyReg. Therefore, EasyReg now makes a copy ERIUPGRADE2.EXE of ERIUPGRADE.EXE in the EasyReg folder itself and executes this copy.

In the upgrade procedure for the EasyReg guided tours (WWW > Upgrade the EasyReg guided tours) the module ERITOURSUPGRADE.EXE was also copied to the subfolder TEMP in the EasyReg folder and then this copy was executed. Now ERITOURSUPGRADE.EXE itself is executed.

Bug repairs

A cosmetic bug in module ERDATDIR, which lets you continue with a previous session, has been repaired.

A bug in module NEXTGARCH, which estimates ARCH and GARCH models, has been repaired. This bug gave an error code 9: Subscript out of range. Thanks to Gerald Holtham for bringing this problem to my attention.

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