Ph.D. Candidate · Social Informatics and Social Computing hxs378 [at] psu.edu

I am a rising 5th-year Ph.D. student working with Dr. Dongwon Lee and Dr. Aiping Xiong. Before joining Penn State, I worked with Dr. Bongwon Suh , and received my Master's degree in Engineering and Bachelor's degrees in Information Science and Culture, Political Science, and Korean History from Seoul National University in 2015 and 2012, respectively.

My research interest lies in social informatics and social computing, mainly focusing on misinformation correction. Currently, I am working on projects that explore effective ways to correct misinformation on social media and real correction cases in the wild. Please refer to my CV for more details.

* I am looking for summer internship related to social informatics research or user data analysis in 2022.


If You See a Reliable Source, Say Something: Effects of Correction Comments on COVID-19 Misinformation

Haeseung Seo, Aiping Xiong, Sian Lee, and Dongwon Lee
In Proceedings of the International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media 2022 (will be published soon)

Effects of Associative Inference on Individuals’ Susceptibility to Partisan Misinformation

Aiping Xiong, Sian Lee, Haeseung Seo and Dongwon Lee
In Journal of Experimental Psychology 2021

Effects of Associative Inference on People’s Susceptibility to Fake News: Experimental and Empirical Evidence

Sian Lee, Aiping Xiong, Haeseung Seo, and Dongwon Lee
In The 21st KOCSEA Technical Symposium, 2021

(In)effectiveness of Accumulated Correction on COVID-19 Misinformation

Haeseung Seo, Aiping Xiong, Sian Lee, and Dongwon Lee
In Technology, Mind Society, 2021

DETERRENT: Knowledge Guided Graph Attention Network for Detecting Healthcare Misinformation

Limeng Cui, Haeseung Seo, Maryam Tabar, Fenglong Ma, Suhang Wang, Dongwon Lee
In ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 2020

Beyond Cognitive Ability: Susceptibility to Fake News Is Also Explained by Associative Inference

Sian Lee, J Forrest, J Strait, Haeseung Seo , Dongwon Lee, and Aiping Xiong
In Extended Abstracts of CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 2020

Trust It or Not: Effects of Machine Learning Warning in Helping Individuals Mitigate Misinformation

Haeseung Seo, Aiping Xiong, Dongwon Lee
In ACM Web Science, 2019

An Analysis of Facebook Posts for the Public Relations of International Humanitarian Organizations:Factors Impacting the Like of Facebook Posts

Haeseung Seo
In Seoul National University, Master’s thesis , 2015 (In Korean)

Using Facebook Ads as a Strategic Platform for Realizing Digital Altruism

Haeseung Seo,Bongwon Suh
In HCI Society of Korea , 2014 (In Korean)

Usability Study of QR Code Scanning Feature Using Smartphone Camera

Jaeseok Kim, Haeseung Seo
In HCI Society of Korea , 2013 (In Korean)


Penn State University

Research Assistant

- Conducted large-sized online human-subject experiments (total subjects: 8K);
- Manipulated and statistically analyzed unstructured data from a mixed within and between subjects design;
- Crawled and analyzed millions of social media data using machine learning;
- Found effective ways to correct misinformation

Aug. 2017 - present
Teaching Assistant

- Foundations of Information Security and Assurance (Fall 2020);
- Risk Analysis in a Security Context(Fall 2020);
- Language, Logic, and Discrete Mathematics(Fall 2019);
- IT Project Management(Spring 2019);
- Computational Informatics(Spring 2019)

Daum Foundation

IT projects manager

- Launched and operated multiple non-profit businesses;
- Published national scale annual reports about digital media usage of Korean NPOs ;
- Led development of several major websites

Jul. 2014 - Feb. 2016

Teach for all Korea

IT projects intern

- Designed 7 types of user interfaces for Web/mobile application ;
- Social media contents management

Jan. 2014 - Feb.2014


  • WiCyS Conference Scholarship, 2021
  • WiCyS Conference Scholarship, 2019
  • Penn State IST Graduate Travel Award, 2019
  • Research scholarship from Brain Korea 21 Program for Leading Universities and Students, Seoul National University, 2013-14
  • Merit-based Scholarship, Graduate School of Convergence, Seoul National University, 2013-14
  • 1st prize in Seoul National University Global Challenge Program for Superior Academic Performance, Seoul National University, 2013
  • Graduated with honors(cum laude), Seoul National University, 2012
  • Superior Academic Performance Scholarship, Seoul National University, 2005-2010 (4 semesters)


Apart from being a Ph.D. student, I love cooking, traveling, and artwork. I also like to do jiu-jitsu and ride a bike. I have a huge interest in people and society from different cultures and backgrounds. My three bachelor's degrees and experiences of traveling to 28 countries show my characteristics. In particular, I have crossed the United States from East to West with a backpack alone. We can talk about various topics about our world and share travel information! I hope I can apply my knowledge to solve critical social problems.