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1. Multiple positions are currently available for postdoc fellows, graduate students, undergraduate students as well as visiting students/scholars in Professor Sun's group. Interested candidates please contact Professor Sun ( and include your CV, a brief statement of your interests related to our research.

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Welcome to Sun Research Group

Research in the Sun Group is at the intersection of energy science, functional materials, and advanced manufacturing. It mainly focuses on (1) rational design and synthesis of functional nanoscale materials, (2) fundamental understanding of their nanoscale properties, and (3) development of scalable manufacturing processes. We are particularly interested in the scale-up and hierarchical assembly of low-dimensional nanoscale materials into macroscopic structures or multi-component hybrid systems; we study the physical and chemical properties that affect how these manufactured forms transport, store, convert and dissipate energy. Our research enables novel innovations for energy harvesting, energy storage, thermal management, and advanced sensing and detection.