About Me

Currently I'm a PhD candidate in the College of Information Science and Technology, Pennsylvania State University. Advised by Dr. Zhenhui (Jessie) Li, I'm mainly interested in the field of Data Mining (especially spatio-temporal data mining) and Reinforcement Learning. Before joining Penn State in 2017, I received my master and bachelor degree from Beihang University (BUAA) majoring in Computer Science, working with Prof. Jinpeng Huai and Dr. Tianyu Wo.

I've always been excited about real-world applications in industry. I interned at DiDi Research for 9 months working with Dr. Pinghua Gong and Prof. Jieping Ye on building online and offline models for carpooling recommendation, payment habits prediction and subsidy optimization. I also interned at Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research & Development Group as an intern working on integrating knowledge-based question answering methods into Microsoft's chatbot - XiaoIce. Supervised by Yue Liu, I also work with Dr. Nan Duan in MSRA on end-to-end answer prediction. I also had an exciting internship in Hangzhou City Brain Research with my advisor, working on intelligent transportation, espcially using reinforcement learning for traffic signal control.


[01/20/2021] I'll serve as a SPC for IJCAI 2021.

[12/02/2020] Two papers on learning to simulate human movement and temporal network modeling are accepted to AAAI 2021!

[11/05/2020] Our survey "Recent Advances in Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control: A Survey of Models and Evaluation" is accepted to SIGKDD Explorations!

[11/01/2020] One paper is accepted to ICDE 2021!

[10/01/2020] Our paper "Adversarial Policy Training against Deep Reinforcement Learning" is accepted to USENIX Security 2021!

[09/19/2020] Slides of our tutorial on "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control" @IEEE ITSC 2020 are available here.

[09/14/2020] Paper, codes and posts for ImInGAIL are available now.

[09/11/2020] I'll serve as the session chair of "ADS Track: Transportation" at ECML-PKDD 2020.

[09/01/2020] Our paper "Learning to Simulate on Sparse Trajectory Data" won the Best ADS Paper Award in ECML-PKDD 2020!

[07/07/2020] I'll join Tencent AI Lab for summer internship.

[06/04/2020] Our paper "Learning to Simulate on Sparse Trajectory Data" is accepted to ECML-PKDD 2020!

[05/22/2020] I'm co-organizing the Challenge on Mobility Intervention for Epidemics held in conjuction with KDD'20 workshop on Prescriptive Analytics for the Physical World (PAPW 2020). Let's fight against pandemics with intelligence!

[05/10/2020] Our tutorial on "Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control" is accepted to IEEE ITSC 2020.


Email: hzw77 at psu dot edu (instead of "hzw77 at ist dot psu dot edu")

You can find more about me at: Google Scholar, Twitter, LinkedIn