What Did You Do As a University Counselor?

Created: 2020.02.16 Updated: 2020.02.16
Whenever I was doing interviews for industry and academic internships, people were curious at one of my past experiences: a university counselor for undergraduates. “What is a university counselor?” is a question I often encounter and this post is an answer to the problem, from my past four-year experience.

Codes and notes for CoLight with network-level cooperation

Created: 2019.09.15 Updated: 2019.09.15
We finally move to a network-level control of traffic signals! In this post, we will introduce the current situation of network-level control and present our solution.

Revisiting EM algorithm (and Expecting to Memorize it)

Created: 2019.06.25 Updated: 2019.06.25
This post serves as a reminder for future references to the EM algorithm (after I forgot its formula derivation 3 times).

Codes and notes for PressLight with arterial coordination

Created: 2019.06.17 Updated: 2019.06.17
In this post, you will find the codes and demos for PressLight. And you will also find how we move from IntelliLight to PressLight.

Fantastic baselines: why to add it in Actor-Critic

Created: 2019.06.01 Updated: 2019.06.01
Recently I'm sharing RL concepts within the group I'm interning in JD.com, which brought up a question that I didn't figure out before. In this post, I try to understand why adding a baseline into AC could reduce the variance.

Tutorial on SUMO from a beginner

Created: 2018.05.14 Updated: 2018.07.17
In this post, some of the basic concepts in SUMO are introduced. You may also find the demo code here.

Demos and codes for reinforcement learning on traffic light control

Created: 2018.02.12 Updated: 2018.07.17
In this post, we show the adaptiveness of reinforcement learning agents on traffic light control. You will also find its source code here.