Research Projects

I've had a broad interest in different projects, especially in reinforcement learning and spatio-temporal data mining. Here are some of them:

Deep Reinforcement Learning for Traffic Signal Control

[Project page]

The project systemetically investigate "smart" traffic light control systems using deep reinforcement learning and evaluate its effectiveness on both synthetic and real-world traffic data.

Spatio-temporal Prediction

This project investigated the spatial-temporal prediction problem for smart cities in urban management and services.

Other Projects

Professional Projects

Always interested in real-world applications, I interned at several companies and hope to influence more people.

Research Intern at Silicon Valley Research Center

I was in charge of developing RL methods that are robust to adversarial attacks.

Algorithm Intern at Microsoft

I was in charge of building knowledge-based question-answering module for XiaoIce.
XiaoIce is an advanced natural language chat-bot developed by Microsoft. Users can access Xiaoice on various platforms such as Weibo,, and

Research Intern at DIDI Chuxing Corp.

As one of the earliest interns in DIDI Research, I took part in three projects during 9 months: a) Optimized the online carpooling model which had been put into online utilization for DIDI’s Hitch Business Division and turned out to be more efficient than its previous model; b) Muilt machine learning models for the possibility of the orders being paid by customers; c) Made the strategy for evaluating the performance of online and offline services of subsidy optimization.
Didi is the largest one-stop consumer transportation platform in China. It offers taxi hailing services in over 360 cities, peer-to-peer private car services in 80 cities and hitch services in more than 300 cities.

University Counselor at Beihang University

As the university counselor of the undergraduates 2012 in ECPKN, I play a role as a bridge between students and school, in charge of the arrangement and instruction of daily study and life of 120 students before they graduate from BUAA.I also taught a class series "Situation and Policy" for four years.