I'm Ian. This is my blog about coffee. I will be updating it weekly with a new coffee that I have tried that week.

week 13 -


    Well it looks like this is the end. My last blog post of the year. I'm not done drinking coffee and trying new varieties, that's for sure, but the semester is coming to an end. It's been great sharing my coffees through this blog, and it's given me an excuse to keep getting new ones (not that I wouldn't do it anyway.)

P.S. This post is in a different font because my last assignment required me to use at least 3 fonts, and I've only used 2 so far.

week 12 - Papua New Guinea - Iloko Village


    Another coffee from La Colombe! This one comes from the Indonesian country of Papua New Guinea. This one's unique since it comes from a different region of the world than the coffees I usually get. The rich volcanic soil gives this coffee an excellent smoothness and an extremely rich flavor. The coffee is almost syrupy thick once it's brewed and it's got a great balance. Another great choice from a great coffee shop.

week 11 - La Colombe Torrefaction (again)


    Wow, who would have thought I'd have gotten to Philly twice in just over a month! I was back for a concert this weekend, and got to stop into my favorite coffee shop again. Nothing really new this time, just reaffirming how much I love the place. It's great to get a great latte for a change since I can't really make them for myself.

week 10 - Leftovers


    This might be a boring post, but unfortunately I've got no more new coffees this week. I've been drinking leftovers all week, so it's been a mix of a lot of things. This post is short but I'm still loving the coffee!

week 9 - Corsica


    This week is another coffee from La Colombe. This is one of their blends called Corsica. It was a nice break for me since it was already roasted. It was a little darker than I usually like, but still great. It had a different flavor than many coffees I've had, but it was a great change. I brewed this one in the chemex (which was the recomendation) and it came out excellent. It was advertised as bold and rich and it most definitely was. This was one of the most flavorful coffees I've had in a long time and I really enjoyed it.

week 8 - Costa Rica Helsar Caturra


    By now you might have noticed that I like coffee with chocolate tastes. This week I've got a coffee that is advertised as mild-medium intensity with milk chocolate tastes and sweet brightness. I roasted it medium-dark to really bring out that chocolate flavor, and it definitely worked. Very clean cup, with sweet caramel notes overlaying a great milk chocolate base. I'll definitely be having this one again.

week 7 - Espresso Workshop #24


    This week is something different again. This is the first coffee I'm going over that is not single origin (all coming from the same farm.) This is a blend from the coffee connoisseurs at Sweet Maria's. This blend was designed for espresso, so I gave it a medium-dark roast. I'm not very good at making espresso (yet) but I gave it a shot. This coffee was advertised as very chocolatey, and that's exactly what it was. Great chocolate flavors were the primary note in this shot, although it was slightly bitter (probably because I didn't pull the shot right.) Once I get my technique better I think I will really enjoy this one.

week 6 - Costa Rica Hernan Solis Villa Sarchi


    This week's coffee comes from the great Central American country of Costa Rica. I gave this one a medium roast like I do with a lot of my coffees. It was a great cup, not too bold but definitely flavorful. I love Central American Coffees for their sweet, fruit notes but they also have great balance. Overall, a great cup.

week 5 - La Colombe Torrefaction


    This week I've got something a little different. Instead of reviewing a coffee, I'm going to talk a little about a coffee shop. I went into Philadelphia for the weekend and I got to stop into a great place called La Colombe Torrefaction. This place was great. It was a little crowded because of how great it was, but the line moved fast. The barista's were very friendly and the line moved quickly. I had a great latte in the morning and I stopped back for a double shot of espresso later in the day. Overall, I'd recommend the place to anyone in the area. They also have locations in a lot of major cities. Their coffee is roasted in-house, and it's always fresh and great.

week 4 - Brazil Mogiana WP Decaf


    If you're reading this, you already know that I love coffee. The difference between a lot of people and myself, though, is that I drink coffee almost exclusively for the taste. It's not just a caffeine fix or a way for me to get through the day, but rather one of my favorite beverages, and I really only drink it for the enjoyment of the flavor. Because of this, I like to drink coffee whenever I get in the mood, whether it is in the morning, afternoon, or even the evening. Since I also don't want to be up all night (most nights) to have coffee in the evening, I need to drink decaf.

    Decaf coffee almost always takes criticism from people. For those who drink coffee as a caffeine fix, it seems like a waste of time, and for those who drink it for the flavor, decaf is usually considered sub-par, as the beans need to be processed to remove the caffeine, which causes them to lose some flavor. There is something to be said about the latter, as processing the coffee undoubtedly alters its flavor, but that doesn't mean that there is no such thing as a good-tasting decaf coffee

    I love Brazilian coffee. The best coffee I've ever had was a batch from Brazil, and so when I was looking at some decaf options, it didn't take long before I decided on this Brazilian bean. Advertised as a good "backdrop" coffee for a blend or a mild cup on its own, it didn't necessarily stand out as anything special, but sometimes one particularly strong flavor is not what I want in a cup of coffee. I roasted this one medium-dark, and when I brewed my first cup, I was extremely happy with the results. It is definitely not a bold coffee. There is no one strong flavor, but rather a mild, balanced, and well-rounded taste that is something that I really enjoy as a break from the strong flavors in most of the other coffees I drink. I am really happy with this purchase and this Brazilian decaf is going to be with me for the cold nights when I just want a hot cup of coffee.

week 3 - Haiti Mare Blanche


First coffee I've had in a while that I didn't roast myself!

    This week, I got a special treat. My parents were in Philadelphia recently and they picked up some coffee from La Colombe Torrefaction for me. La Colombe Torrefaction is the coffee roasting/cafe company owned by Todd Charmichael of the Travel Channel's series Dangerous Grounds. This series follows Todd around the world as he seeks to find the best coffees for his company to offer. This particular bag of beans originated in Haiti. It was advertised as a light roast, although I found it was a little darker than a typical light roast.

    When I opened the bag, the beautiful scent of fresh coffee filled the room. I had to brew this one in the french press to get the full flavor effect. This was an excellent coffee, and a great change of pace since it was already roasted. It was a little bit sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, and had great body and balance. The flavor sat somewhere right in between a light, sweet coffee and a heavy, earthy coffee, a middle ground that is almost always excellent. I've been enjoying this one all week, and am sad to say that it is almost gone. I have plans to go to Philadelphia in a few weeks, though, and I will most definitely be picking up some more of this company's coffee, although it will probably be a different bean.

week 2 - Rwanda Tumba Cocatu


Got a nice big bag of this one

    This week, the 9 pounds of coffee I had ordered came in. I got a bunch of different ones and I will be trying all of them over the next few weeks, but the first one I decided to roast was the Rwanda Tumba Cocatu. My favorite coffees are coffees with a nice, full-bodied flavor, and while African coffees usually tend to be more light, acidic, and sweet, this coffee was described as having a thick body and medium-bold intensity. I gave it a medium roast to bring out some of the more earthy and chocolatey flavors while still keeping some of the sweetness you get in light roasts.

    The next day, I ground it up and brewed a cup in the french press. The flavor was great! It had a very nice, full body as advertised, with a very balanced flavor. I really liked how there was no one flavor that stood above the rest with this coffee. It had some fruity sweetness, some earthiness, some chocolate notes, and a very mild to low acidity. All of these flavors came through equally and combined wonderfully to produce an exceptionally smooth cup with a fantastic range of tastes. I am very happy with this coffee and will continue to enjoy it until it is gone.

week 1 - ethiopia gr. 1 aricha


Green to Brown - In this picture you can see the color change that coffee goest through when it is roasted

    Hey, I'm Ian. Welcome to my blog. I love coffee, a lot. People who know me would probably say I have a slight obsession. It all started last summer when I discovered that there is a whole new world of coffee beyond Starbucks and the beans you can get at the grocery store. Since then, I've started roasting my own coffee, and one of my favorite things to do is to try new beans. Most people don't realize that coffee can have a whole variety of flavors depending on the environment it is grown in, the way it is processed, and the way it is roasted.

    This week, my coffee of choice is a bean from the Yirga Cheffe region of Ethiopia. It is a dry-processed bean, which means that the coffee cherries were picked and laid out to dry in the sun for two weeks to dry out before the skin and pulp was removed rather than having the outer skin removed right away and letting the inner pulp ferment to remove it, a more common way of processing coffee. This coffee is also prepared to the standards of "Grade 1" which means that only the coffee cherries that are perfectly ripe are used, and any sub-par beans are taken out of the final batch, leading to a better quality and more consistent final product.

    I roasted this coffee fairly light to bring out the unique flavors of this specific bean, flavors that are lost in darker roasts. This coffee was very light and fruity and when ground, had a strong blueberry-like scent that filled the entire kitchen. The taste matched the smell, with a very sweet flavor. Overall, this was a very light and sweet coffee bean which produced a very clean cup with a strong fruity flavor. I just ordered a big batch of different coffees, so check back next week for another review!