Photography Image Dataset Download

  • Description:
    • This image database is created for research on image retrieval and annotation.
    • The database contains 2360 images of size 384x256 and stored in JPEG format.
    • Every image is manually annotated.
    • The image database is powered by SIMPLIcity for displaying.

  • Download the database

  • Copyright warning:
    Copyright of this image database belongs to J. Li.
    Do NOT redistribute the images.
    This database is for research only. Commerial usage without the agreement of the copyright owner is not allowed.

  • Reference requirement:
    • Please send an email to J. Li to let us know after downloading (jiali at
    • If you use this database for your research, please refer to the source at this site in your publications:

  • Related publications:
    • J. Li, J. Z. Wang, ``Automatic linguistic indexing of pictures by a statistical modeling approach,'' IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 25(9):1075-1088,2003. (download)
    • J. Z. Wang, J. Li, G. Wiederhold, ``SIMPLIcity: Semantics-sensitive integrated matching for picture libraries,'' IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 23(9):947-963, 2001. (download)
    • For more, link to Citeseer.

  • Acknowledgement: Thanks to J. Z. Wang for helping to create the database.