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James A. Sellers

Family Photos - December 2011

The Blind Beggar Christmas 2010

The Happy Couple - Easter 2010

Family Photo - Christmas 2009

MathFest 2009 and Morton's Restaurant (Portland, OR)

For the last few years, I have organized a meal for people from the Allegheny Mountain Section of the Mathematical Association of America who attend the MathFest meeting in August.  This year, our group of nine people went to Morton's Steakhouse in Portland, OR and enjoyed a FABULOUS meal together.  We were so impressed with the size of the portions that I had this photo taken of me holding the predecessor to my steak fries.   Yummy!

Family Photos - Easter 2009

Family Photo - Christmas 2008

Visit from Mike Hirschhorn - August/September 2008

For one month (August 25-September 25), my good mate and colleague Mike Hirschhorn (University of New South Wales) visited Penn State thanks to the generosity of the Mathematics Department's Shapiro Fund.  We had a wonderful time while he was here!  Below are three photos taken during that visit.    

The Handsome Couple - June 2008

This is a very nice picture of Mary and me taken at the 2008 Spring Ball.  

One Happy Guy - May 2008!

Here is a recent photo taken at Eden Baptist Church in Cambridge, May 2008.  Thanks to my lovely daughter for the excellent photo.  Why am I so happy?  It was my new shoes!  See this link for more details. 

Isaac Newton Institute in Spring 2008!

I have been invited to be a Visiting Fellow at the Isaac Newton Institute in Spring 2008.  This is indeed a thrilling opportunity for me as well as my family!  Check out this link for information on the program (programme) in which I will participate.   Also, check out the photo at this link to see me as part of the unofficial Isaac Newton Institute football club!!  You can also see tons of photos taken by Mary during our England trip at her Xanga site:

Family Photo January 2007

Here's another photo
of the family taken early January 2007.  What a great photographer!  And, yes, Nathan is taller than Dad! 

The Sellers' Family Christmas 2006

For some great photos of our family's Christmas festivities, check out Mary's Xanga blog entry at the following link:

If nothing else, you have to see the Pi Plate!!

The Search for Peace 2006 and the Blind Beggar  

I recently had the true privilege of performing as the Blind Beggar in the 2006 Search for Peace Christmas Pageant in Curwensville, PA.  The pageant, now in its 47th year, has a truly rich history (and I married into the family whose matriarch was the creator of the program and directed it for decades!). 

For some history about the Search for Peace pageant, check out this link:

Lastly, here are some pictures of me as the Blind Beggar (sometimes with various others):

News from the IBBGCM 2006   

Nathan and his BB gun team took part in the IBBGCM 2006 this past weekend (July 1-2, 2006) in Bowling Green, KY.   Nathan had an amazing weekend, winning the sitting competition and taking third place overall (out of about 200 participants).  I am so proud!  Below please find several photos from the event.  (Sorry about the graininess!!!)

For more information, check out my Xanga blog entries for June 2, 2006 and June 3, 2006. 

Photo of the Kids - Easter 2006

Click here to see the photo. 

Nathan Wins 2006 State BB Gun Kneeling Championship

On April 8, 2006, I took Nathan to his first statewide Pennsylvania BB gun championship.  This year, it was held at Palmyra, PA.  Nathan was on the Tussey Mountain 4-H Marksmanship Club Team A.  He had a wonderful match, especially since it was his first such match ever.  Overall, his team took second place in the state and this qualifies them to compete at the 2006 International BB Gun Championship Match (IBBGCM) in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  Moreover, Nathan won the 2006 state championship for the kneeling position!  He scored a 99 out of a possible 100.  (One of Nathan's teammates won the state championship for the sitting position, while participants from Palmyra's A team won the prone and standing positions.)  I was thrilled for Nathan and so pleased to see his teammates and coaches so excited for him as well.  Below are three pictures related to Nathan's kneeling win and an animated gif file containing photos from throughout the day.

The Family - January 2006

Here is a shot of the family taken January 2006.  

The Kids - December 2005

Here is a great shot of the kids taken early December 2005 at home one Sunday afternoon. 

David's PeeWee Football Team Wins 2005 League Championship

On October 30, 2005 (the day I returned from the INTEGERS 2005 conference in Georgia), David's PeeWee Football Team, the Centre Bulldogs, won their 2005 league championship.  Click here to see a photo of the team with their medals.  I was so proud (as both a parent and an assistant coach)!

INTEGERS 2005 Conference

The INTEGERS 2005 conference in Georgia was, in my eyes, a fantastic success.  Click here to see a photo of the participants of the conference.  

My 40th Birthday - September 1, 2005

I was pleasantly surprised recently when my family planned a picnic over the Labor Day holiday and invited numerous families to come celebrate my 40th birthday.  What a treat!  Thanks to everyone who came - it was a wonderful day. 

Our 15th Wedding Anniversary

Mary and I celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary while at Scioto Hills Family Camp this year.  Click here to see an excellent photo of the happy couple. 

Trip to St. Louis and Texas - Summer 2005

We completed a road trip in July and August which took us from PA to St. Louis, MO, down to San Antonio, TX, and then back to PA (via OH).  We took tons of photos, especially while visiting my family in TX, but I will refrain from putting them all here.  Enjoy!

St. Louis

The family in Collinsville, IL (just on the other side of the border from Missouri) - home of the world's largest catsup bottle!
David holds up the world's largest catsup bottle - Cool picture
The family at the base of the famous Arch
The boys and Dad get ready to travel to the top of the Arch (claustrophobics beware!)
Mary and Libby enjoy the view from the top
James does not like heights!

San Antonio

The boys with cousin Ryan at Sea World
The girls with Dad at Sea World
The family at the entrance to Sea World
Rachel - our Sea World guide!
The Steel Eel - one of our favorite roller coasters at Sea World
The log ride at Sea World- Picture 1 - Picture 2
Feeding the dolphins at Sea World - Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3

The family at the Alamo
Libby and Rachel in the garden at the Alamo
The Riverwalk (we are in the background)
Rachel makes friends with a bird at the Riverwalk

Nathan's 14th birthday celebrated in Texas - Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3
The kids with Nonnie and Fancy
Pictures with Meno (my maternal grandmother) - Picture 1 - Picture 2
My brother Chuck and I
Uncle Chuck and Aunt Jen with the kids

Yogi Trip - Summer 2005

We enjoyed our first camping trip of Summer 2005.  We returned to Yogi on the River Camp and had a great time.  Here are a few photos from the trip:

Family Photos Spring 2005

Here are a couple photos from Spring 2005:

2005 Mary Lister McCammon Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching

I was truly surprised and honored to be the recipient of the 2005 Mary Lister McCammon Award for Distinguished Undergraduate Teaching.  This award, named for and endowed by my Penn State predecessor Mary McCammon, is given once each year by the Penn State Department of Mathematics. 

Some photos from the awards "tea" (courtesy of my wife Mary) are available here:

Christmas 2004

Here is a great photo of the kids just a few days before Christmas 2004.  It is taken at our annual Siblings Night, where each of the kids gives one present to a sibling so that each child gives one gift and receives one gift.  Sounds like a permutation problem! 

Summer 2004 Camping Experiences

Our family enjoyed a number of camping experiences and locations this summer.  Many memories of times spent with good friends have been made.  The locations we visited were:

Photos From the Past ...

I recently scanned in a number of photos from past years (centered around my undergraduate students).  Enjoy! 

Spending time at the Franks
In front of our home
On the road to a conference
Students on the Rock at Cedarville University

INTEGERS Conference 2003

In October/November 2003, I had the privilege of attending the first-ever INTEGERS Conference, held at the State University of West Georgia.  Bruce Landman was the main organizer, and he and his staff did a marvelous job of handling all the details.  The conference was sponsored by the online journal INTEGERS.  I spoke on k-overpartitions, a generalization of overpartitions. 

Click here to see a photo of the participants.  I am in the back row, middle of the photo, wearing the yellow T-shirt. 

Scioto Hills 2003

Our family had the wonderful privilege of spending a week at Family Camp 2003 at Scioto Hills.  Here are a few photos we took during the week. 

The whole family at the camp bell
Part of the family (in one of the camp Gators)
The kids with our favorite camp counselor (Hi Isaac!)
The Blob!! (Who is that guy who is upside down?)  That's Michael in the background!
Move over, Bill Dance and Jimmy Houston!

A Visit From Mike Hirschhorn

I was privileged to enjoy a visit with my good mate Mike Hirschhorn from University of New South Wales (UNSW - Sydney, Australia) here in State College during the month of January 2003. 

We took a number of photos during Mike's visit.  Just click on the links below.

Mike doing some mathematics
Mary, Mike, and James
Mike and James (I)
Mike and James (II)
A snowball fight?
Mike enjoying a snowfall

To visit Mike's webpage, click here.

A Family Shot - 2002

Click here to see a photo of the family taken November 2002.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Click here to see a photo of the kids taken November 2002 after an unexpected snow.

An OK (Oklahoma) Photo

During the summer of 2000, my family had the privilege of staying in Norman, OK, the home of Saxon Publishers, while I worked on their Algebra II text.  We had a wonderful summer there!

To see an interesting photo taken while traveling on one of the main interstate highways in Oklahoma, click here.

1998-1999 Cedarville Faculty Scholar of the Year

In the spring of 1999, I had the wonderful privilege of being named the 1998-1999 Cedarville University Faculty Scholar of the Year. Pictured above (from left to right) are Dr. Duane Wood (Cedarville's Academic Vice President), me, and Dr. Paul Dixon (Cedarville's President). (Click the photo to obtain a larger version of the image.) My thanks to Scott Huck for the photo.

A Note From My Combinatorics Class (on the Cedarville Rock)!!

My Combinatorics class from the Spring Quarter 1996 made me famous at Cedarville by painting this humorous plea on the school's rock. While I am known for writing difficult exams, this message was (at least in part) simply in gest. They all did quite well on the final that afternoon.

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