Interesting WWW Sites

James A. Sellers

Number Theoretical and Combinatorial Sites

I have had the privilege of publishing in a number of electronic journals related to number theory and combinatorics.   Some examples include: 

Here is a Number Theory Web Site that might be of interest.

Other Mathematical Sites

One of the most impressive sites I have ever seen dealing with the history of mathematics is housed in St. Andrews, Scotland and is known as the MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive.

The Mathematical Association of America

Neil Sloane's Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences

Ed Sandifer's "How Euler Did It" Column for MAA Online

The Euler Archive

Miscellaneous Sites of Interest

CTAN, (The Comprehensive TeX Archive Network) is the home of the files needed to implement the TeX typesetting language

A list of websites for professional advising in mathematics that I compiled some time ago


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