Math 497A: Elliptic Curves and Applications to Cryptography

Spring 2008

Mo, We, Th, Fr 1:25-2:15pm in 113 McAllister

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Instructor: Kirsten Eisenträger

Office: 422 McAllister Building

Office Phone: (814) 863-4127

Office Hours: We 2:15-3:00pm, Th 5- 5:45pm in 422 McAllister Building, and by appointment

Textbook: Rational Points on Elliptic Curves by Joseph H. Silverman and John Tate, Springer, 1992

Teaching Assistant: Van Cyr

Here is a copy of the syllabus.


This course is part of the MASS program, our special program for high-achieving undergraduate mathematics majors from around the USA.


Here is the list of theoretical questions for the final exam. Each student will (randomly) receive a ticket that contains one of these questions.

Office hours for the week of December 8-12:

Monday, December 8, 11-1pm

Tuesday, December 9, 3-5p,

Thursday, December 11, 2-4pm

Homework assignments:

Homework 1, due Friday, September 5.

Homework 2, due Friday, September 12.

Homework 3, due Friday, September 19.

Homework 4, due Friday, September 26.

Homework 5, due Friday, October 3.

Homework 6, due Friday, October 17.

Homework 7, due Friday, October 24.

Homework 8, due Friday, October 31.

Homework 9, due Friday, November 7.

Homework 10, due Friday, November 14.

Homework 11, due Friday, November 21.

Homework 12, due Friday, December 5.

Homework Solutions and Lecture Notes

Exam Dates: There will be one two hour Midterm on Wednesday, October 8. Each student will also take an Individual Oral Final Exam. This will be given during the period of December 12-17.