About me

Leonid Berlyand I am an applied mathematician. I work on modeling, analysis and simulations of problems in materials science, biology and physics. Primarily I study PDEs and variational problems by asymptotic and numerical techniques.

Curriculum vitae

Contact Information


Department of Mathematics
337 McAllister Building
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802


Office: (814) 863-9683
Fax: (814) 865-3735
Department: (814) 865-7527


berlyand (at) math.psu.edu


  • C.I. Noll Award for excellence in teaching, Penn State University (2004)
    Annual recognition of an outstanding faculty member in the Eberly College of Science

  • The NIH (National Institute of Health) RO1 grant "Collaborative Research: Predictive modeling of collective swimming in bacterial suspensions" (2012-2017), 1 of 5 current grants.
    My research is also funded by NSF (National Science Foundation), DOE (US Department of Energy), and private industry.

  • Author of about 90 refereed publications.

  • Two recent publications in Scientific Reports: Nature Publishing Group (2013, 2015), impact factor: 5.578, senior author on both publications