Music Technology Minor

Administered by faculty from the College of Arts & Architecture's School of Music and the School of Theatre, the Minor in Music Technology is appropriate for undergraduate students seeking to apply domains of knowledge from their majors or General Education programs to issues of audio production and digital technology in music.

The 21-credit Music Technology Minor (MUTEC) may be earned by students from any major. Past students earning the minor have majored in areas such as Music, Theatre Sound Design, Integrative Arts, Film Production, Information Science & Technology, and Computer Science.

The courses required for the minor are:

MUSIC 008 Rudiments of Music

INART 50 Science of Music

INART 258A Fundamentals of Digital Audio

THEA 285 Introduction to Sound Design

THEA 484 Sound Recording Techniques

Supporting and Related Course from approved list

Supporting and Related Course from approved list

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