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Trombone Choir


The Penn State Trombone Choir was founded in 1986 by Professor Mark Lancaster Lusk.   Since that time, the choir has garnered considerable regional and national success.  The choir has performed multiple times at the Pennsylvania, New York and Ohio Music Educator's Conferences, the Music Educator's All-Eastern Conference, and the Music Educator's National Conference.  The group has also performed at the New York Brass Conference, the Eastern Trombone Workshop, and International Trombone Workshop.  The group has featured many of today’s finest trombone artists as well as the talented members of the Penn State performance faculty and a distinguished alumni. The Penn State Trombone Choir is a founding member of the Frühling Posaunen Festival.  This festival combines this group with the Ithaca Trombone Troupe and the

Eastman Trombone Choir for an annual concert series.  A tradition of fine writers and arrangers has done much to give the Penn State Trombone Choir a distinctive sound

Just some of the many artists who have performed with us over the years:

Jim Pugh, Dave Taylor, Joe Alessi, George Roberts,

John Marcellus, Ben Van Dyke, Paul Welcomer,

Steve Witser, Scott Hartman, Mike Davis,

Denson Paul Pollard, John Fedchock,

Paul McKee, Mark Kellogg, Mark Babbitt,

Glenn Dodson, Harold Reynolds

and Chris Dudley

Penn State Faculty Artists including:

Lisa Bontrager, Velvet Brown, Langston Fitzgerald,

Dan Yoder, Norene Ferris, John Daniel, Norman Spivey,

and Marty Erickson

Along with many outstanding Penn State Alumni including:

Bruce Tychinski, Matt Neff, Sean Reusch, Jon Moyer,

Bryan Anton, Tom Riccobono, Justin Mason,

Ben Chouinard, and Kevin McManus

Events for 2010-2011

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Hittin’ the Ground Runnin’
Over 40 musicians!
Matt Brown
Jim Glaser
Andy Lykens
Kevin McManus
Tom Mensch
Leo Murcia
Dan Weiner
Dan Armstrong
Gerardo Edelstein
Arthur Goldstein
Mac Himes
Christopher Kiver
Rob Nairn
David Stambler
Aaron Tindell
Dan Yoder
Chris Carson
Heather Mensch
Bobby Leidhecker
Paul Leskowicz
Bob Matchett
20 members of the Penn State Trombone Studio
Mark L. Lusk’s 47th Faculty Trombone Recital
This Saturday!  August 28th at 5:00 p.m.
Esber Rectial Hall

August 28: Prof. Lusk’s Faculty Recital “Hittin’ the Ground Runnin” with special guest alumni, faculty, and local artists

September 10: Fall Jury Honors Recital featuring Justin Neely and Bryan Powell

September 12-13: Prof. Lusk at University of Wisconsin-Madison

October 13: World Premier of “Journey” by Kim Scharnberg for Mark Lusk

November 14: Penn State Trombone Choir presents Gabriel Faure’s Requiem

December 6: Penn State Trombone Studio Jury Recital @ 5:00pm

December 9: Santa Claus conducts the Penn State Trombone Choir during Bach’s Lunch

January 16: Professor Lusk presents his 48th faculty recital “Brahms Bones, with special guests alumni Michael Ketner,

Robert Rizzo, and Scott Slutter

January 22:  Trombone Choir Performs at Audition Day Festivities; 9:30 am, Esber Recital Hall

January 27-29: Penn State Trombone Choir tours Reading PA area, with performances at Wilson HS (27th), Schuylkill Valley HS with featured performance with the Ringold Band (28th), and Grace Lutheran, Shillington (29th)

January 30: Patrick McIsaac, Senior Recital

February 1: Trombone Chamber Music Recital featuring Funnybones and Quartastrophy

February 19: Michelle Scarangello, Masters Recital, 8:00 in Esber Recital Hall

March 2-3: Penn State Trombone Choir tours Wilmington, DE; Featuring clinics and performances at the Springer Area District School and The Tatnall School

March 16-19: Eastern Trombone Workshop: Professor Lusk is featured performing the music of Kim Scharnberg; “Journey for Trombone And Orchestra” with the US Army Orchestra, and “N.O. Rising” with Dr. Michael Davison, University of Richmond

March 23-24: Trombone Choir tours Pittsburgh, PA; Featuring clinics and performances at Kiski High School, Seneca Valley High School and a special performance for the PMEA Region II Band in Butler, PA

March 26: NIck Smarcz, Masters Recital, 4:00 in Esber Recital Hall

April 4: Penn State University Trombone Choir in concert at Penn State University

April 17: 22nd Annual Fruhling Posaunen at Ithaca College; Featuring choirs from Eastman, Ithaca, Boston University, SUNY Fredonia and SUNY Potsdam;  World Premiering a new pieces for Quartet, Soloist and Choir by Paul Davis

April 19: Trombone Choir tours Pittsburgh, PA; Clinics and performances at Seton Hill University

April 26: Trombone Studio Recital, 8:00 in Esber Recital Hall