Go Vegan!

Here is a list of some ways to save money and still be cruelty-free.

Vegalash First month free- only pay shipping. WORKS SO WELL YOU'LL HATE IT
Bioclarity First month 1/2 off if you provide your email
The Vegan College Cookbook PETA has an app where you can send emails and do social media activism to earn points, and you can earn a lot of free stuff including this cookbook with tons of cheap recipes. Or you can just buy it! Shopping here for pet supplies is a great alternative to using Petsmart or Petco that exploit animals. And they have saved me a LOT of money.
Vitacost A website and an app where you can buy eco-friendly products for good prices. Using so much paper for cleaning is incredibly wasteful, and you can buy bamboo paper products on Amazon. Caboo works out to be about the same price as Charmin, and it's great.
Arbonne Become a preferred client at Arbonne for $29, and you get 20% of all their products. I'm an Arbonne consultant, so check out my website.
Netflix Watch all of the best vegan documentaries on Netflix, for a full list, go to Your Daily Vegan.
Pinterest The best place for vegan recipes. They have anything - It's especially a good place to go if you have food allergies. Tons of recipes!
Aldi Aldi is great for vegans. Stock up on condiments, nut butters, guacamole and chips, plant milk, granola, cereal, and vegan hot dog buns! They usually have veggie burgers in stock that are pretty good too. Also, you can get frozen fruit cheaper at Aldi.