Penn State, University Park, Fall 2019

MATH 220

The syllabus, this addendum, and all other information pertaining to this course is available on

The instructor reserves the right to make changes to this addendum to the syllabus during the semester.

Log of changes to the syllabus:


Section Days Time Room
MATH 220.003 Tue Thu 10:35 — 11:25 Wartik 106
MATH 220.022 Tue Thu 12:20 — 13:10 Henderson 018
MATH 220.015 Tue Thu 13:35 — 14:25 Thomas 216
office hours Tue 15:40 — 16:40 McAllister 325

Arriving late to class, leaving class early, or disrupting class in any way will not be tolerated.

All electronic devices must be silenced during lectures.


Professor Mathieu Stiénon (

Please, always include “220” in the subject of your email messages.

You can expect to get an answer by the end of the next business day.


David Lay, Linear Algebra and its Applications, Fifth Edition, Pearson. (Fourth Edition is also acceptable.)

Do NOT buy the "MyMathLab Online Course for Linear Algebra and Its Applications". We will NOT use it.


Homework will be assigned but will not be graded.


A mandatory quiz will be assigned (almost) every class and is due six days later unless specified otherwise.

There will be no makeup quizzes.

All quizzes will have equal weight.

Instructions for quizzes:

  1. Download the PDF of the quiz from
  2. Print the PDF on white letter-size printer paper.
  3. Solve the problems on the printout using a black pen. Show all your work. Final answers without supporting work will not receive credit.
  4. Write your name on each page. Your name must be written at the top of every page you turn in. If you use both sides of a sheet, write your name on both sides. No name, no grade, no exceptions.
  5. Scan your work, and submit as one single PDF file on Multiple submissions, late submissions, and/or unreadable work will result in a zero score. Quizzes dropped in the instructor's mailbox or slipped under his office door will not be graded and will be shredded. Quizzes emailed to the instructor are not acceptable, will not be acknowledged, and will be ignored. You must submit your work through
  6. Check that your submission is complete, that you have submitted all pages, and that your name is legible on each page.

There are document scanners in the university libraries. If you don't have access to a real document scanner, I recommend you install Scanbot on your phone or tablet. Scanbot's document boundary detection feature works best if the document to be scanned is placed on a contrasting uniform background.

If you'd rather work on the quiz directly on your pen-enabled tablet, make sure to submit all layers of the PDF document.

Tentative Lecture Schedule

Week Day Date Book Topic
1 Tue Aug 27 1.1 Systems of linear equations
Thu Aug 29 1.1 Systems of linear equations
2 Tue Sep 3 1.2 Row reduction algorithm
Thu Sep 5 1.2 Row reduction algorithm
3 Tue Sep 10 1.3 Linear combinations, span
Thu Sep 12 1.4 Linear systems as matrix equations
4 Tue Sep 17 1.5 Homogeneous linear systems
Thu Sep 19 1.7 Linear independence of vectors
5 Tue Sep 24 1.8 Linear transformations and their matrices
Thu Sep 26 1.9 Examples of linear transformations
6 Tue Oct 1 2.1 Operations on matrices
Thu Oct 3 2.2 Matrix inversion
7 Tue Oct 8 2.3 Invertible matrices
Thu Oct 10 6.1 Dot product
8 Tue Oct 15 Review
Thu Oct 17 Midterm Examination
9 Tue Oct 22 3.1 Determinant of a square matrix
Thu Oct 24 3.2 Properties of determinants
10 Tue Oct 29 2.8 Linear subspaces
Thu Oct 31 2.9 Dimension of a subspace and rank of a matrix
11 Tue Nov 5 6.2 Sets of orthogonal vectors
Thu Nov 7 6.3 Orthogonal projections
12 Tue Nov 12 6.4 Gram-Schmidt algorithm
Thu Nov 14 5.1 Eigenvalues and eigenvectors
13 Tue Nov 19 5.2 Characteristic polynomial of a square matrix
Thu Nov 21 5.3 Diagonalization of a square matrix
15 Tue Dec 3 7.1 Symmetric matrices
Thu Dec 5 Review
16 Tue Dec 10 Review
Thu Dec 12 Review
17 TBA Final Examination