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  Professor and Head, Department of Statistics, Penn State University
  Office : 421D Thomas           Mail : 326 Thomas Building, University Park, PA 16802.
  Phone: 814-863-8126           email: m(followed by last name in lower case)
  Appointments: sign up online (primarily for undergrad advisees but others are welcome to use this)
  B.S. Computer Science (minors: statistics, mathematics and film), Carnegie Mellon U. 1997.
  M.S., Ph.D. Statistics, University of Minnesota, 2003.
  Postdoctoral fellow, NISS (courtesy appointment at Duke University) (2003--2004).
  New Research Fellow, SAMSI (2009--2010); Visitor, Fall 2017.
  Visiting Associate Professor (2011--2012) Statistics, University of Washington.


Primary Research Interests
  • Statistical computing, primarily Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms
  • Models for spatial data: Gaussian random field models, Bayesian hierarchical models
  • Complex computer models/computer experiments: statistical emulation and calibration
  • Cross-disciplinary research in environmental sciences: climate science, disease modeling, ecology
My BIO PAGE has a list of current and former graduate students, my background.


Haran, M., Bandeen-Roche, K., Horton, N., Johnson, G., and Kim, M. (2019) Advice for New Faculty Amstat News, July 2019 based on a NISS webinar video on YouTube .

Haran, M. and Hunter, D.R. (2016) On Academic Mentoring Amstat News, September 2016.

Selected Papers (link to longer list of publications and google scholar references ) and current CV

SMAC (Stochastic Modeling and Computing) Seminar Series

Other Roles
  • Co-Editor: Bayesian Analysis (2016--2018)
  • Associate editor: The American Statistician (2015--present). (Past) associate editor Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics (2010--2015); Biometrics (2009--2011); Bayesian Analysis (2010--2015)
  • Schreyer Honors College adviser for Statistics and Honors College thesis adviser
  • Chair of the American Statistical Association (ASA) Section on Risk Analysis 2013-2014
  • Treasurer for the International Society for Bayesian Analysis ( ISBA ) 2014--2016
  • (Past) Chair of the Penn State Statistics Undergraduate Program: 2012--2016
  • Climate Science Related Roles:
    • Co-leader for Uncertainty Quantification Group in the NSF network SCRiM (Sustainable Climate Risk Management), multi-institution network with Penn State as the hub
    • PI on NSF-CDSE grant Statistical Methods for Ice Sheet Projections using Large Non-Gaussian Space-time Data Sets and Complex Computer Models, 7/01/2014--6/30/2017.
    • Director of the Penn State Node of the NSF research network STATMOS , Statistical Methods for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
    • Member of the ASA Advisory Committee on Climate Change Policy 2009--2014
    • Co-Director of CLIMA Center for Climate Risk Management at Penn State.

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