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Murali Haran is Professor and Head of the Department of Statistics at Penn State University. He has a PhD in Statistics from the University of Minnesota, and a BS in Computer Science (with minors in Statistics, Mathematics and Film Studies) from Carnegie Mellon University. His research interests are in Monte Carlo algorithms, spatial models, statistical analysis of complex computer models, and interdisciplinary research in climate science and infectious disease modeling. He is a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and received the 2015 Young Researcher Award from The International Environmetrics Society to ``recognize and honor outstanding contributions to the field of environmetrics''.
Background I was jointly advised by Luke Tierney* and Brad Carlin** on my dissertation "Efficient Perfect and MCMC Sampling Methods for Bayesian Spatial and Components of Variance Models" (see my math genealogy ). I worked on computation for Bayesian spatial models and some hierarchical models. In particular, I investigated sampling techniques for hierarchical models that use Gaussian Markov Random Fields (GMRFs). A major portion of my thesis contains work on perfect sampling approaches for Bayesian disease mapping models. For more on perfect sampling, see D.B.Wilson's website . While in graduate school, I also studied hierarchical Bayesian modeling techniques used for disease mapping and particulate matter exposure studies. As a postdoctoral fellow I studied statistical approaches for software engineering problems.

Graduate Students
Postdoc/research faculty (former)
  1. (Postdoc) Zhou Lan (2019 -- 2020), joint with Le Bao
  2. (Research Associate Professor) John Hughes (2020 -- 2021)

Honors :
Editorial Work

Co-Editor Associate Editor Guest Editor
Research Interests

* A member of the R core group and author of Xlisp-stat .
** Author of the books Bayes and Empirical Bayes Methods for Data Analysis and Hierarchical Modeling and Analysis for Spatial Data .

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