Some Information for Statistics Undergrads

  • I have regular times every week where you can sign up to meet me with questions/concerns. Sometimes this is more efficient than email especially if you need urgent help. Here is an ONLINE SIGN-UP sheet for appointments.
    • If it is impossible for you to find a slot that works, please email me for an appointment. If you think you will need 30 minutes to talk to me you are welcome to sign up for two adjacent slots.
    • Please note that to make sure that I will be there for the appointment you should book a day in advance (you can sign up 10 minutes before a slot but I cannot guarantee that I will be available!)

  • Important forms for the Eberly College of Science
  • The people to contact first about any scheduling, undergrad program-related issues are:
  • Penn State Stats Professor Naomi Altman has monthly articles on statistics that appear in the journal Nature Methods.
  • For job and internship searches, try the career fairs on campus (often announced by email) and the Nittany Lion Career Network (NLCN) offered through Career Services . Also Internships (Penn State Science website)
  • Applying to Statistics PhD program
  • College Advice I Wish I'd Taken by Susan Shapiro .