Appeared Beverly Press June 17, 2010, Volume 20, No. 24.

Rabbi Juda Glasner, of Burnside Towers, was pictured on the cover of the June 19, 1975 issue of the Park Labrea News as he received the George Washington Award from the Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge. Glasner received the award from Freedoms Foundation member, Harry von Zell, during a ceremony at the Century Plaza Hotel. The rabbi, a Holocaust survivor, had authored a book on his experiences in escaping the Nazis, titled “Faith In Spite Of It All, A Rabbiʼs Story”. In accepting the award, Glasner said, “The ideals of our union represent human liberty in its purest form yet devised. America has a divine mission, because on America is centered the hopes, aspirations and faith of the entire human race.” For information on Glasnerʼs work, visit