Welcome to my website and I hope you stick around and find something of interest. Following the links in the navigation bar you can find out more about some of the projects I have worked on or am currently working on. My resume and contact information is readily available as well. If you're interested more about me, visit my blog or the about me page.

This website is in a perpetual development as I am always messing with it, so please excuse any glitches or improperly formatted pages.

New & Interesting

WWF My latest project was program which finds the optimal play in the game of words with friends by examining the board and player's available letters. The project presented several challenging problems. At first look, this seems like something easy to do, but optimizing the algorithms and data structures for performance was quite interesting. Involving some graph theory to search for possible words out of letter permutations with some letters having positional restrictions. If you're interested in reading more about the theory of operation and building process of this application please visit the Theory of Operation Blog Post.