Math 582, Suggested Reading


Some Recommended Texts

Arveson - An invitation to C*-algebra

Short and to the point.  Excellent on representation theory.

Davidson - C*-algebras by example

The name says it all.

Dixmier - C*-algebras

The original text on C*-algebras.  Difficult but very valuable; the best source for many points.

Douglas - Banach algebra techniques in operator theory

A sentimental favorite of mine since I read it as a student.  Good on topics related to the Fredholm index.

Fillmore - A user’s guide to operator algebras

An excellent overview of C*-algebra theory. Sparse on details, though.

Murphy - C*-algebras and operator theory

The most accessible book in the list, but probably not weighty enough for this course.

Pedersen - C*-algebras and their automorphism groups

The second go-to text after Dixmier.

Lecture Notes Online

Klaas Landsman - Lecture notes on C*-algebras, Hilbert C*-modules, and quantum mechanics

Laurent Marcoux - An introduction to operator algebras

Ian Putnam - Lecture notes on C*-algebras

Marc Rieffel - C*-algebras

John Roe - Notes on C*-algebras

Dana Williams - Lecture notes on C*-algebras

Bär and Becker - C*-algebras

Nigel Higson - 2017