Recent Invited talks html: Peter Meszaros

Invited Talks, Lectures (partial): P. Mészáros

  1. Member SOC, COSPAR 2018, E1.17 ``X- and Gamma-ray Counterparts of New Transients in the Multi-messenger Era", Pasadena, CA, 14 July 2018
  2. Inv. talk, ``Neutron Stars: Messengers of the Four Fundamental Forces", Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Nov. 2017
  3. Inv. talk, ``Tidal Disruption Events, Black Holes and MJR", Cambridge University, U.K., Sept. 2017
  4. Inv. review, "A multi-messenger look at the origin of gamma-ray busts", European Workshop Astr. Space Sci. (EWASS), Prague, June 2017
  5. Inv. lecture, Russell Frank Astronomy Lecture Series, "The Highest Energy Cosmic Rays", University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Mar. 2017
  6. Inv. talk, "The cosmic high energy diffuse neutrino and gamma-ray backgrounds", Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, Dec. 14 2016
  7. Inv. talk, "Cosmic high energy diffuse neutrino and gamma-ray backgrounds", Purple Mountain Obs., Chinese Acad.Sci., Nanjing, China, Dec. 13 2016
  8. Inv. talk, "The cosmic high energy diffuse neutrino and gamma-ray backgrounds", Physics Dpt., Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, Dec. 6 2016
  9. Inv. talk, "Cosmic Ray Origin - beyond the standard model" workshop, San Vito di Cadore, Dolomites, Italy, Sep. 2016
  10. Inv. talk, "Beyond a PeV" Cosmic Ray Workshop, Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris, France, Sep. 2016
  11. Member SOC, 6th Heidelberg Internat. Symp. High-Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy (Gamma2016), 11-15 July 2016, Heidelberg, Germany
  12. Colloquium, Columbia University Physics Dept., "Sources of diffuse HE neutrino and gamma backgrounds", May 2, 2016
  13. Inv. talk, Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory (JUNO) workshop, "Diffuse supernova neutrino background", Nanjing, China, April 2016.
  14. Colloquium, Dept. of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University, Nanjing, China, April 2016,
  15. Inv. talk, ``Jets and Winds in Pulsar Wind Nebulae, Gamma-Ray Bursts and Blazars", ISSI, Bern, Switzerland, Nov. 16-20, 2015
  16. Inv. talk, ``100 years of Relativity and Relativistic Astrophysics", Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Nov. 10 2015
  17. Inv. talk, ``The Year of Light: Gamma Ray Bursts", Inst. for Nuclear Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Debrecen, Nov. 12, 2015
  18. Inv. talk, ``Time Domain Astrophysics with Swift" conference, Clemson, SC, Oct. 18-22, 2015
  19. Member SOC, ``High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (HEPRO) V", Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct. 5-9, 2015
  20. Plenary talk, ``General Relativity and Gravitation: A Centennial Perspective", University Park, PA, June 7-12, 2015
  21. Inv. talk & Member SOC, GWPAW2015 (Gravitational Wave Physics and Astronomy Workshop 2015), Osaka, Japan, June 17-20, 2015
  22. Colloquium, ``Gamma Ray Bursts and their Multi-messenger Signals", Dept. of Physics, Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, Apr. 17 2015
  23. Inv. talk, "Gamma-Ray Bursts: a tool to explore the young Universe", Int. Space Sci.Inst., Beijing, China, 13-15 Apr. 2015
  24. Inv. talk, High-Altitude Water Cherenkov (HAWC) Inauguration Conf., Puebla, Mexico, March 19-20 2015
  25. Member SOC, SWIFT 10 Years Anniversary Conference, Rome, Italy, Dec. 2-5, 2014
  26. Keynote talk, Multiple Messengers and Challenges in Astroparticle Physics Workshop, Gran Sasso Science Institute, L'Aquila, Italy, Oct. 6-17, 2014.
  27. Member SOC, KONUS-Wind and E.P. Mazets GRB Workhsop, Ioffe Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia, Sept. 2014
  28. Inv. lectures (2), 13th International Symposium on Nuclei in the Cosmos, NIC2014, Debrecen, Hungary, July 2014
  29. Plenary talk, "Extragalactic Gamma-Ray Sources", at TeV Particle Astrophysics (TeVPA) Conference, Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 2014
  30. Member SOC, International Astronomy Meeting, Cefalu, Sicily, Italy, June 2014
  31. Inv. talk, Hungarian Academy of Sciences General Assembly, Physics Section, Budapest, Hungary, May 2014
  32. Seminar, Astrophysics Science Division, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, April 2014
  33. Inv. lectures (4), Taiwan Spring School on Particles and Fields 2014, Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, Taipei, April 2014
  34. Inv. talk, "CR Origin - beyond the standard models" conference, San Vito di Cadore (Dolomites, Italy), 16-22 March 2014.
  35. Seminar, Astrophysics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, March 2014
  36. Inv. talk, SN-GRB2013 Conference, Yukawa Inst. Theor. Physics, Kyoto University, Japan, Nov. 2013
  37. Inv. talk, Current State of GRB Theory, Swift 2013 Science Planning Meeting, Pennsylvania State University, Oct. 2013
  38. Inv. talk, Workshop on Collapsing Objects, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, Oct. 2013
  39. Inv. talk, Einstein Lectures, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Purple Mountain Observatory, Nanjing, China, Oct. 2013
  40. Inv. talk, Einstein Lectures, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Observatory, Shanghai, China, Oct. 2013
  41. Marshall Memorial Lecture, Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays, N.Y. Amateur Ast.Soc., American Museum Natural History, New York, Oct.2013
  42. Mem. SOC & Inv. talk, "Future directions of relativistic jets: Fermi and beyond", Stockholm, Sweden, Sept. 2013
  43. Member SOC, ``High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows (HEPRO) IV", Heidelberg, Germany, July, 2013
  44. Member SOC & Inv. talk, Multi-Messenger Transient Astrophysics Wkshp, Kavli Inst. A&A, Peking Univ., Beijing, China, May 2013
  45. Inv. talk, ``Exploring the Non-thermal Universe with Gamma Rays" symposium, Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 2012.
  46. Member SOC, ``Outstanding Problems in Massive Star Research", U. Minnesota, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, Fall 2012
  47. Inv. talk, ``Revealing the Death of Massive Stars with GeV Neutrinos" Wkshp, CCAPP, Ohio State U., Aug. 2012
  48. Member SOC, ``High-Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy" Symposium, Heidelberg, Germany, July 2012
  49. Colloquium, Konkoly Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, June 2012
  50. Plenary talk, ``Particles, Strings and Cosmology" PASCOS 2012 conference, Merida, Mexico, June 2012
  51. Member SOC, ``Gamma Ray Bursts in the Era of Rapid Follow-up", Liverpool, U.K., June 2012
  52. Inv. talk, ``Gamma Ray Bursters", NASA's Fermi Gamma Ray Mission session, AAAS Ann. Mtg., Vancouver, Canada, 16-20 Feb. 2012
  53. Inv. talk, ``Multi-GeV Astrophysics with ground-based detectors" Workshop, Dublin, Ireland, December 2011
  54. Colloquium, Physics Dept., Georgia Institute of Technology, GA, October 2011
  55. Inv. talk, Astrophysical Multi-messenger Workshop, Penn State U., October 2011
  56. Inv. talks (2), TeV Particle Astrophysics Workshop 2011, Stockholm, Sweden, August 2011
  57. Inv. Lecture, Physics Section, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, June 2011
  58. Seminar, Konkoly Observatory, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, June 2011
  59. Seminar, Physics Department, Eötvös University, Budapest, Hungary, June 2011
  60. Member SOC, ``High Energy Phenomena in Relativistic Outflows, HEPRO III", Barcelona, Spain, June 2011
  61. Member SOC & inv. talk, "Multi-messenger astronomy of cosmic rays", KIAA, Beijing, China, April 2011
  62. Colloquium, Institut d'Astrophysique, Paris, France, November 2010
  63. Panelist, ``Future Studies to Address Open Questions on GRBs", GRB 2010 Int. Conf., Annapolis, MD, Nov. 2010
  64. Colloquium, Astrophysics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, NJ, October 26, 2010
  65. Cross-talk seminar, Particle Astrophysics and Physics, FermiLab, Batavia, IL, September, 2010
  66. Colloquium, Center for Particle Astrophysics, FermiLab, Batavia, IL, September, 2010
  67. Inv. lectures (2), SLAC Summer Institute SSI2010: Neutrinos, Stanford U., CA, Aug.11-13, 2010
  68. Member SOC, 2nd Low Energy Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics workshop, Ctr. f. Particle Astrophysics, Penn State, July 1-2, 2010
  69. Inv. talks (2), COSPAR10 (38th COSPAR Scientific Assembly), Bremen, Germany, July 18-25, 2010
  70. Member SOC & Inv. talk, "The First Galaxies, Quasars, and Gamma-Ray Bursts", Penn. State Univ., June 6-10 2010
  71. Colloquium, Physics Dpt., Hong Kong University, Hong Kong, April 2010.
  72. Inv. talk, ``Deciphering the Ancient Universe with Gamma-Ray Bursts" conference, Yukawa Inst. Theor. Phys., Kyoto, Japan, April 2010
  73. Colloquium, astrophysics, Johns Hopkins U./Space Telescope Sci. Inst., Baltimore, MD, Feb. 2010
  74. Inv. talk, ``The GeV to TeV Connection" workshop, Max-Planck/Dublin IAS; Castle Ringberg, Germany, Jan. 2010
  75. Seminar, astrophysics, Physics Dpt., Weizmann Institute, Rehovoth, Israel, Nov. 09
  76. Inv. talk, "Towards Fundamental Breakthroughs in Astrophysics and Cosmology", CCAPP, Ohio State Univ., Columbus OH, Oct. '09
  77. Member SOC, "High Energy Gamma Rays from Relativistic Outflows II", Buenos Aires, Argentina, Oct. 09
  78. Member SOC, "The Shocking Universe", Venice, Italy, Sept. 09
  79. Inv. talk, "Neutrinos and Dark Matter 2009", IceCube/U. Wisconsin, Madison, WI, Sep. 09,
  80. Member SOC, "Probing Neutron Stars with Gravitational Waves", Penn. State Univ., June 09
  81. Member SOC, "GRB Physics" program, Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA), Beijing, China, May 09
  82. Inv. talk, "The physics of relativistic flows" Conf. & Wkshp, Stockholm, Sweden, June 09
  83. Inv. talk, "QCD at Cosmic Energies IV" workshop, Trieste, Italy, May 09
  84. Member SOC & inv. talk, GW+HEN 09 Workshop on Gravitational Waves and High Energy Neutrinos, Paris, France, May 09
  85. Colloquium, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington DC, April 09
  86. Inv. talk, "High-Energy Gamma-rays and Neutrinos from Extragalactic Sources" Wkshp, Heidelberg, Germany, Jan 09
  87. Inv. talk, "6th Huntsville Symposium on Gamma-Ray Bursts", Huntsville, AL, Oct. 08
  88. Parallel session convener and, 2008 TeV Particle Astrophysics International Workshop (TeVPA08), Beijing, Sept 08
  89. Member SOC , Cefalu 2008, "Probing Stellar Populations out to the Distant Universe", Sicily, Italy, Sep. 2008
  90. Member SOC, 37th COSPAR Symp. Astrophysical Shocks and GRB sessions, Montreal, Canada, July 13-20, 08
  91. Member SOC & inv. talk, 4th Heidelberg International Symposium on High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany, July 7-11, 08
  92. Member SOC & inv. talk, Nanjing GRB Workshop, Nanjing, China, June 23-27, 2008
  93. Member SOC, International Astroparticle Physics Symposium, Golden, CO, May 2008
  94. Inv. talk, Int. Cosmophysics Conference, IPNS, KEK High Energy Accelerator Research, March 2008
  95. Inv. talk, Swift Senior Review Team Meeting, U. Nevada, Las Vegas, Feb. 08
  96. Colloquium, Physics & Astronomy Dpt., McGill University, Montreal, Canada, Oct. 07
  97. Member SOC & inv. talk, "High Energy Gamma Rays from Relativistic Outflows", Dublin Inst. Adv. Studies, Ireland, Sep 07
  98. Member SOC, "Astrophysics of Compact Objects", Mt. Huangshan, China, July 07
  99. Inv. talk, "Energetics Events in the Universe: from Particle Physics to Cosmology", Marseille, France, June 07
  100. Inv. talk, "Astroparticle Physics: Current Issues, 2007" (APCI07), Budapest, Hungary, June 07
  101. Chair SOC, "Ultra-high energy cosmic rays, neutrinos and photons" Wkshp., Penn State U, University Park, PA, May 07
  102. Inv. talk, "070228: The Next Decade in GRB Afterglows" Int. Conf., Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 07
  103. Inv talk, "Supernova 1987A: 20 Years After: SNe and GRB", Aspen Center for Physics, CO, Feb 07
  104. Colloquium, Astronomy Dpt., Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, Oct 19, 06
  105. Inv talk, "GRB VHE gammas" AAS HEAD/GLAST meeting, San Francisco, CA, Oct. 7 2006
  106. Mem. SOC, "Recent Developments in the Study of Gamma Ray Bursts", Royal Society meeting, London, UK, Sept. 06
  107. Inv talk, GLAST Meeting - GRB Symposium, University of Stockholm, Sweden, Sept 06
  108. Colloquium, Astronomy Dept., University of Uppsala, Sweden, Sept 06
  109. Inv talk, "GRB UHE Cosmic Rays & Neutrinos", Int. Sch. Cosmic Ray Astrophysics, Erice, Italy, June 06
  110. Mem. SOC & inv talk, "GRB & Swift", Compact Objects and their Blasting Progenitors, Cefalu, Italy, June 06
  111. Mem. SOC & inv talk, "Swift and the GRB's: unveiling the relativistic lab", Venice, Italy, June 06
  112. Colloquium, Canadian Inst. of Theoretical Astrophysics, U. Toronto, Toronto, Canada, April 06
  113. Colloquium, Physics Department, Columbia University, New York, NY, April 06
  114. Colloquium, Institute for Theory and Computation, Harvard-Smithsonian CfA, March 06
  115. Rapporteur talk, "Energy Budget in the High Energy Universe", ICRR, U. Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 06
  116. Inv talk, "Energy Budget in the High Energy Universe", ICRR, U. Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 06
  117. Colloquium, "Gamma Ray Bursts & Supernovae" workshop, KITP, UCSB, Feb. 06
  118. Inv. talk, Afterglow theories, "Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Swift Era", 16th Maryland Astrophysics Conf., Nov 05
  119. Seminar, High Energy Astrophysics, Washington University, St. Louis, MO, Nov 05
  120. Inv. talk, GRB: UHE gammas , Nuclear and Particle Astrophysics and Cosmology PANIC 05, Sta Fe, NM Oct 05
  121. Inv. talk, 5th National Astroparticle Physics Symposium, Utrecht, Netherlands, Oct 05
  122. Inv. talk, GRB & cosmology, Conf. "Probing Early Structure w. Mass, Light & Chemistry", U. Minnesota, Oct 05
  123. Inv talk, GRB UHE CRs, nus, gammas , "QCD at Cosmic Energies II" workshop, Skopelos, Greece, Sept 05
  124. Inv talk, "GRB in the Swift Era", Int.Sch.Space Sci. "GRB: from Astrophysics to Cosmology", L'Aquila, Italy, Sep 05
  125. Inv talk, Gravity Waves from GRB & Black Holes, Int.Sch.Space Sci. "GRB: from Astrophysics to Cosmology", L'Aquila, Italy, Sep 05
  126. Plen. talk, "TeV Particle Astrophysics", Fermilab, Chicago, IL, July 05
  127. Inv. talk, Weak Interactions & Neutrino Workshop, "WIN 05", Delphi, Greece, Jun 05
  128. Member SOC, "Astrophysics of High Energy Particles and Radiation" Conf., Torun, Poland, Jun 05
  129. Institute talk, Kavli Inst. Theor. Physics, UCSB, May 05
  130. Colloquium, UCLA Dept of Physics & Astronomy, May 05
  131. Chair SOC, "UHE Cosmic Rays, Photons and Neutrinos" wkshp, Kavli Inst.Theor.Phys, Santa Barbara CA, May 05
  132. Inv. talk, "High Energy Astrophysics Focused Workshop", Hsinchu, Taiwan, March 05
  133. Member SOC, 4th Gamma-Ray Bursts In the Afterglow Era Wkshp, CNR Rome, Oct 04
  134. Plenary talk, Neutrino Oscillation Workshop NOW 2004, Otranto, Italy, Sept. 04
  135. Inv. talk, GLAST Workshop, Stanford U./SLAC, Palo Alto, CA, Sept. 04
  136. Inv. talk, Swift Workshop, HEAD Mtg. Amer.Astron.Soc., New Orleans, Sep. 04
  137. Inv. talk, Conf. "1604-2004 Supernovae as Cosmological Lighthouses", Padua, Italy Jun 04
  138. Colloquium, SWIFT & UHE gamma/nu/cr, MPI Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany, June 04
  139. Seminar, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University, U.K., June 04
  140. G. Marx Lecture/Ortvay Coll., A magasenergiáju neutrinók es kozmikus sugarak (in hungarian), Eötvös Phys. Soc., Budapest, May 04
  141. Lecture series, AGN-1, AGN-2, GRB-1, GRB-2 (in hungarian), Eötvös University, Physics & Astronomy Depts., Budapest, May 04
  142. Inv talk, Preciziós Kozmológia (in hungarian), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary, May 04
  143. Rapporteur talk, GRB Physics Before Swift conference, Penn State, Apr 04
  144. Colloquium, University of Texas, Austin, March 30, 2004
  145. Inv. talk: SN/GRB/PSR,``Supernovae and connections to GRB & pulsars" Wkshp, Bombay, India, Jan 04
  146. Inv. talk: GRB,``Supernovae and connections to GRB & pulsars" Wkshp, Bombay, India, Jan 04
  147. Inv. talk: Extreme Events, OECD Global Science Forum 03: Large Programs in Astronomy, Munich, Dec 03
  148. Colloquium, Fermilab, Chicago, November 2003
  149. Colloquium, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, Oct. 21 2003
  150. Inv. talk, Div. Nuclear Physics/ Amer. Phys. Soc. Meeting, Tucson AZ Oct 03
  151. Inv. talk, GRB Symp. "30 Years of Discovery", LANL, Santa Fe, NM, Sep. 03
  152. Inv. talks, JENAM 2003- Joint Eur. & Nat. Astr. Mtg, Budapest, Hungary, Aug'03
  153. Inv. talk, Conf. "Open Questions in Gamma-Ray Bursts", Santorini, Greece, Aug'03
  154. Inv. talk, GW from GRB, KITP Conf. "Gravitational Interaction of Compact Objects", UCSB, May 03
  155. Colloquium, University of Kansas Dpt. of Physics & Astronomy, April 2003
  156. Inv. talk, NASA Conf. ``The Astrophysics of Gravitational Wave Sources", Md, April 03
  157. Colloquium, University of Maryland, Department of Astronomy, April 2003
  158. Inv. talk, TeV from GRB, Veritas Symp. ``TeV Astrophysics of Extragalactic Sources", Chicago, Apr 03
  159. Inv. talk, KITP Conf. "Neutrinos: Data, Cosmos, and Planck Scale", UCSB, March 03
  160. Inv. talk, GLAST SWG Wksp on Jets, NASA Goddard Sp.Fl.Ctr, Greenbelt Md, Oct 02
  161. Member SOC, 34th COSPAR General Assembly, GRB session, Houston TX, October 2002
  162. Inv. talk, UHE nu from GRB, Neutrino & Subterr. Sciience NeSS02, NSF/U.Md, Washington DC, Sep 02
  163. Inv. talk, GLAST GBD SWG Wksp on GRB, Nat. Space Sci Ctr, Huntsville AL Sept 02
  164. Member SOC+inv talk, Niels Bohr Summer Institute ``Beaming & Jets in GRB", Aug 2002
  165. Seminar, SLAC, Stanford University, Palo Alto CA, August 2002
  166. Member SOC+ inv talk, Making Light of Gravity conference, Cambridge, UK, July 2002
  167. Colloquium + 2 lectures, University of Milan & Osservatorio di Brera, Italy, May 2002
  168. Inv talk, Conf. ``GRB: The Brightest Explosions in the Universe", Harvard U., May 2002
  169. Inv. talk, Very High Energy Neutrino Telescope Workshop, Taipei, Taiwan, Mar 2002.
  170. Mem. SOC+inv talk, Aspen Wksp ``High-Energy Particles from Space", Aspen CO, Jan 02
  171. Colloquium, Physics & Astronomy Dpt., Michigan State Univ., East Lansing, MI, Dec 2001
  172. Inv talk, Workshop on Gravitational Wave Physics, Penn State University, PA, Oct 2001
  173. Mem. SOC, Woods Hole Conf. Gamma-Ray Bursts & Afterglows, Woods Hole, MA, Nov 01
  174. Colloquium, Astronomy Dpt., University of Virginia, Charlottesvile, Va, Sept 2001
  175. Inv talk, Snowmass2001-The Future of Particle Physics Workshop, Snowmass, CO, July 01
  176. Inv talk, Conf. ``From X-Ray Binaries to GRB", Amsterdam, Netherlands, June 01
  177. Inv talk, Amer.Phys.Soc. Mtg, GRR/DAP Session, Washington DC, April 2001
  178. Invited review, Gamma-Ray Astrophysics 2001 Conference, Baltimore, MD, April 2001
  179. Colloquium, Johns Hopkins Univ., Physics & Astronomy Dpt., Baltimore, MD, Feb 1, 01
  180. Rossi Prize lecture, American Astronomical Society 197th Mtg, San Diego, CA, Jan 01
  181. Inv Lectures, 18th Jerusalem Winter School Theor.Phys, Cosmic Explosions, Israel, Dec 00
  182. Inv talk, XXth Texas Symp. Relat. Astrophys. & Cosmology, Houston, TX, Dec 2000
  183. Inv talk, 15th Nishinomiya-Yukawa Memorial Symposium, Osaka, Japan, November 22 2000
  184. Colloquium, Tokyo University, Institute of Cosmic Ray Research, Japan, November 20 2000
  185. Inv talk, Amer. Astr. Soc. HEAD Meeting, GLAST session, Honolulu, Nov 2000
  186. Member SOC+inv talk, 2nd Conf. GRB in the Afterglow Age, Rome, Italy, October 2000
  187. Member SOC, Conf. ``High Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy", Heidelberg, Germany, June 00
  188. Colloquium, Astrophysics Group, University of Leicester (U.K.), July 4 2000
  189. Seminar, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University (U.K.), May 30, 2000
  190. Inv talk, The First Generation of Cosmic Structures, Harvard University, May 15-18 2000
  191. Colloquium, Harvard University, Center for Astrophysics, February 3 2000
  192. Seminar, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, February 22 2000
  193. Colloquium, Physics Department, California Institute of Technology, Nov. 1999
  194. Invited talk, Maryland Astrophysics Conf.: Cosmic Explosions, College Park, Oct. 1999
  195. Member, 5th Huntsville Gamma Ray Burst Symp., NASA/Marshall, Oct. 99
  196. Colloquium, Astronomy & Astrophysics, UCLA, Oct. 1999
  197. Invited talk, Yukawa Int. Seminar Black Holes & Grav Waves, Kyoto, Japan, June 1999
  198. Member, SOC + inv talk, Neutron Stars Meeting (NATO ASI), Crete, Greece, May 1999
  199. Chair, SOC + rev talk, Gamma-Ray Bursts & Afterglows Conf, ITP, UCSB, March 1999
  200. Plenary talk, Texas Symp. Relat. Astrophys. & Cosmology, Paris, December 1998
  201. Member, SOC + Inv talk, Gamma-Ray Bursts in the Afterglow Age, Rome, Italy,Nov 1998
  202. Colloquium, Phys & Astro, Univ.Delaware & Bartol Inst, Newark DE, Sept 1998
  203. Invited talk, SLAC Summer School Topical Conf., Stanford Univ., CA, Aug. 1998
  204. Inv talk, Highlights in X-Ray Astronomy, MPI Extrat Phys, Garching, June 1998
  205. Invited talk, 192nd AAS Mtg, NASA SEU Topical Session, San Diego CA, June 1998
  206. Seminar, Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge University, U.K., May 1998
  207. Invited talk, Amer.Phys.Soc. Meeting, Columbus, OH, April 1998
  208. Invited talk, Rencontres de Moriond Winter School, Les Arcs, France, 1997
  209. Invited talk, Int. Workshop on Gamma-Ray Bursts, Elba, Italy, 1997
  210. Invited talk, JD 18, IAU XXIII General Assembly, Kyoto, Japan, 1997
  211. Member, SOC + Inv. talk, 4th Huntsville Gamma-Ray Burst Symp., 1997.
  212. Colloquium, Astronomy Dpt., Cornell University 1997
  213. Colloquium, Fermi National Accelerator Lab, Chicago, IL 1997
  214. Invited talk, Amer.Phys.Soc. Meeting, Indianapolis IN, 1996
  215. Inv. talk, German Phys.Soc. Summer School Rel.Astrophys, Bad Honnef, Germany, 1996
  216. Invited talk, German Astron.Soc./German Phys.Soc Meeting, Tuebingen, Germany, 1996
  217. Colloquium, Physics & Astronomy Dpt., Northwestern University 1996
  218. Colloquium, Atomic Physics Dpt., Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary 1996
  219. Chair, SOC + review talk, Conf. Nonthermal Gamma-ray Sources, ITP, UCSB, 1995
  220. Colloquium, Physics Dept., Stanford University, CA 1995
  221. Colloquium, Inst. Theor. Physics, Univ. California, Santa Barbara, CA 1995
  222. Colloquium, Physics Dpt., Univ. California, San Diego, CA 1995
  223. Colloquium, Physics Dept., Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 1995
  224. Colloquium, Astronomy Dept., Univ. of Wisconsin, Madison, WI 1995