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What's in a Name?

The name I publish with is my full, given name - Nicklaus A. Giacobe. Please use my full name with middle initial.

The only person who calls me Nicklaus (with the correct two-syllable pronunciation like Niklaus from Vampire Diaries) is my mother. She only does so when I've done something wrong, so please don't. Really, please just call me "Nick".

Some are often very confused by the pronunciation of my last name. It is Italian and stems from "Giacobbe". My grandfather dropped the second "b" in the 1930's to make things "easier". Anyway, I prefer /JA ko bee/ similar to how one pronounces Jacoby, but also equally accept /JEE uh KO bee/, stressing the G to aid others in being able to spell my last name with the correct first letter. Please note that the "e" at the end is definitely not silent.