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The History of my Professional Work

In one way, I could describe my early career as a 18 year-long ethnographic study in computer network design, operations and support. Is that a bit prentious? Sure. However, I do consider my roots in computer network support as being an important aspect of my current and future academic work. I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty and generally distrust those who isolate themselves in the ivory tower of academia.

Most recently, my professional work was to support the Department of Kineisology and researchers in Biomechanics, Motor Control, Exercise Physiology and Sports Psychology. I provided network resources including server space, user authentication, printing services, etc. I also provided desktop support for applications including the mundane (Word, Excel, Firefox), scientific applications like Labview, Matlab and other applications to very specific systems such as Motion Analysis, uCT and others. Of course, this means that I also provided computer and network security tasks.

I worked in the corporate environment from 1999-2001 as a pre-sales network design engineer where I designed high speeed fiber-based networks and then later a product manager for an H.323 video conferncing hardware and software system called PowerPlay.

I provided daily support, troubleshooting, installation and modification of the equipment for the Pennsylvania State University's Integrated Backbone from 1997 to 1999.

From 1993-2002, I worked as a self-employed independent contractor, providing computer support, network implementation and other computer-related tasks for a variety of clients including a (then) state of the art touch-screen medical notetaking and billing system from Microfour, Inc.