Ning (F.) Ma

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Doctoral Candidate

Office: E348 Westgate Building, Pennsylvania State University University Park, PA, 16802

Email: nzm37 AT psu DOT edu

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I am a PhD student in the College of Information Science and Technology department (IST) at Penn State University. I am working with Dr. Benjamin V. Hanrahan at User Agency Lab (UAL). I am currently seeking a post-doctoral position.

My research interest lies broadly in human-computer interaction (HCI), computer-supported collaborative work (CSCW) and user-centered design. I am interested in understanding and designing for on-demand work. Leveraging on the contrast of ride-sharing in various contexts, I design interventions aimed at improving relationships between drivers and riders. The goal of my research is to 1) inform understanding of worker experiences and stakeholder relationships in on-demand workplaces and 2) explore novel ways to design and evaluate interactive technologies to inform a fair and equitable workplace.