High-z Papers [HDF South]

Publications on High-Redshift Galaxies

Wold, I.G.B., Kawinwanichakij, L., Stevans, M.L., Finkelstein, S.L., Papovich, C., Devarakonda, Y., Ciardullo, R., Feldmeier, J., Florez, J., Gawiser, E., Gronwall, C., Jogee, S., Marshall, J.L., Sherman, S., Shipley, H.V., Somerville, R.S., Valdes, F., & Zeimann, Gregory R. 2019, "The Spitzer-HETDEX Exploratory Large Area Survey. II. The Dark Energy Camera and Spitzer/IRAC Multiwavelength Catalog," Ap. J. Suppl., 240, 5 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Stevans, M.L., Finkelstein, S.L., Wold, I., Kawinwanichakij, L., Papovich, C., Sherman, S., Ciardullo, R., Florez, J., Gronwall, C., Jogee, S., Somerville, R.S., & Aaron Yung, L.Y. 2018, "Bridging Star-forming Galaxy and AGN Ultraviolet Luminosity Functions at z = 4 with the SHELA Wide-field Survey," Ap. J., 863, 63 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Leung, A.S., Acquaviva, V., Gawiser, E., Ciardullo, R., Komatsu, E., Malz, A.I., Zeimann, G.R., Bridge, J.S., Drory, N., Feldmeier, J.J., Finkelstein, S.L., Gebhardt, K., Gronwall, C., Hagen, A., Hill, G.J., & Schneider, D.P. 2017, "Bayesian Redshift Classification of Emission-line Galaxies with Photometric Equivalent Widths," Ap. J., 843, 130 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Bridge, J.S., Zeimann, G.R., Trump, J.R., Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., Fox, D.B., & Schneider, D.P. 2016, "Disentangling AGN and Star Formation Activity at High Redshift Using Hubble Space Telescope Grism Spectroscopy," Ap. J., 826, 172 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Hagen, A., Zeimann, G.R., Behrens, C., Ciardullo, R., Grasshorn Gebhardt, H.S., Gronwall, C., Bridge, J.S., Fox, D.B., Schneider, D.P., Trump, J.R., Blanc, G.A., Chiang, Y.-K., Chonis, T.S., Finkelstein, S.L., Hill, G.J., Jogee, S., & Gawiser, E. 2016, "HST Emission Line Galaxies at z ~ 2: Comparing Physical Properties of Lyman Alpha and Optical Emission Line Selected Galaxies," Ap. J., 817, 79 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Grasshorn Gebhardt, H.S., Zeimann, G.R., Ciardullo, R., Gronwall, C., Hagen, A., Bridge, J.S., Schneider, D.P., & Trump, J.R. 2016, "Young, Star-forming Galaxies and their Local Counterparts: the Evolving Relationship of Mass-SFR-Metallicity Since z ~ 2.1," Ap. J., 817, 10 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Zeimann, G.R., Ciardullo, R., Gronwall, C., Bridge, J., Brooks, H., Fox, D., Gawiser, E., Gebhardt, H., Hagen, A., Schneider, D.P., & Trump, J.R. 2015, "The Dust Attenuation Curve Versus Stellar Mass for Emission Line Galaxies at z ~ 2," Ap. J., 814, 162 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Chiang, Y.-K., Overzier, R.A., Gebhardt, K., Finkelstein, S.L., Chiang, C.-T., Hill, G.J., Blanc, G.A., Drory, N., Chonis, T.S., Zeimann, G.R., Hagen, A., Schneider, D.P., Jogee, S., Ciardullo, R., & Gronwall, C. 2015, "Surveying Galaxy Proto-Clusters in Emission: A Large-Scale Structure at z = 2.44 and the Outlook for HETDEX," Ap. J., 808, 37 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Zeimann, G., Ciardullo, R., Gebhardt, H., Gronwall, C., Hagen, A., Trump, J., Bridge, J., Luo, B., & Schneider, D.P. 2015, "Hubble Space Telescope Emission Line Galaxies at z ~ 2: The Mystery of Neon," Ap. J., 798, 29 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Zeimann, G.R., Ciardullo, R., Gebhardt, H., Gronwall, C., Schneider, D.P., Hagen, A., Bridge, J., Feldmeier, J., & Trump, J.R. 2014, "3D-HST Emission Line Galaxies at z ~ 2: Discrepancies in the Optical/UV Star Formation Rates," Ap. J., 790, 113 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Yajima, H., Li, Y., Zhu, Q., Abel, T., Gronwall, C., & Ciardullo, R. 2014, "Escape of Lyα and Continuum Photons from Star-Forming Galaxies," M.N.R.A.S., 440, 776 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Wardlow, J.L., Malhotra, S., Zheng, Z., Finkelstein, S., Bock, J., Bridge, C., Calanog, J., Ciardullo, R., Conley, A., Cooray, A., Farrah, D., Gawiser, E., Gronwall, C., Heinis, S., Ibar, E., Ivison, R.J., Marsden, G., Oliver, S.J., Rhoads, J., Reichers, D., Schulz, B., Smith, A.J., Viero, M., Wang, L., & Zemcov, M. 2013, "Constraining the Lyα Escape Fraction with Far-Infrared Observations of Lyman Alpha Emitters," Ap. J., 787, 9 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Vargas, C.J., Bish, H., Acquaviva, V., Gawiser, E., Finkelstein, S.L., Ciardullo, R., Ashby, M.L.N., Feldmeier, J., Ferguson, H., Gronwall, C., Guaita, L., Hagen, A., Koekemoer, A., Kurczynski, P., Newman, J.A., & Padilla, N. 2014, "To Stack or Not to Stack: Spectral Energy Distribution Properties of Lyα-Emitting Galaxies at z= 2.1,'' Ap. J., 783, 26 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Feldmeier, J.J., Hagen, A., Ciardullo, R., Gronwall, C., Gawiser, E., Guaita, L., Hagen, L.M.Z., Bond, N.A., Acquaviva, V., Blanc, G.A., Orsi, A., & Kurczynski, P. 2013, "Searching for Neutral Hydrogen Halos around z ~ 2.1 and z ~ 3.1 Lyα Emitting Galaxies," Ap. J., 776, 75 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Yajima, H., Li, Y., Zhu, Q., Abel, T., Gronwall, C., & Ciardullo, R. 2012, "Were Progenitors of Local L* Galaxies Lyα Emitters at High Redshift?," Ap. J., 754, 118 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Bond, N., Gawiser, E., Guaita, L., Padilla, N., Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., & Lai, K. 2012, "Evolution in the Continuum Morphological Properties of Lyα-Emitting Galaxies from z=3.1 to z=2.1," Ap. J., 753, 95 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Berry, M., Gawiser, E., Guaita, L., Padilla, N., Treister, E., Blanc, G., Ciardullo, R., Francke, H., & Gronwall, C. 2012, "Stacked Rest-Frame UV Spectra of Lyα-Emitting and Continuum-Selected Galaxies at 2 < z < 3.5," Ap. J., 749, 4 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Zheng, Z.-Y., Malhotra, S., Wang, J.-X., Rhoads, J.E., Finkelstein, S,L., Gawiser, E., Gronwall, C., Guaita, L., Nilsson, K.K., & Ciardullo, R. 2012, "X-Ray Constraints on the Lyman-Alpha Escape Fraction," Ap. J., 746, 28 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Ciardullo, R., Gronwall, C., Wolf, C., McCathran, E., Bond, N.A., Gawiser, E., Guaita, L., Feldmeier, J.J., Treister, E., Padilla, N., Francke, H., Matkovi\'c, A., Altmann, M., & Herrera, D. 2012, "The Evolution of Ly$\alpha$ Emitting Galaxies Between z = 2.1 and z = 3.1," Ap. J., 744, 110 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Gronwall, C., Bond, N.A., Ciardullo, R., Gawiser, E., Altmann, M., Blanc, G.A., & Feldmeier, J.J. 2011, "The Rest-Frame Ultraviolet Light Profile Shapes of Lyα-Emitting Galaxies at z=3.1," Ap. J., 743, 9 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Guaita, L., Acquaviva, V., Padilla, N., Gawiser, E., Bond, N.A., Ciardullo, R., Treister, E., Kurczynski, P., Gronwall, C., Lira, P., & Schawinski, K. 2011, "Lyα-Emitting Galaxies at z = 2.1: Stellar Masses, Dust, and Star Formation Histories from Spectral Energy Distribution Fitting," Ap. J., 733, 114 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Bond, N.A., Feldmeier, J.J., Matkovic, A., Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., & Gawiser, E. 2010, "Evidence for Spatially Compact Lyα Emission in z = 3.1 Lyα-Emitting Galaxies", Ap. J., 716, 200 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Guaita, L., Gawiser, E., Padilla, N., Francke, H., Bond, N.A., Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., Feldmeier, J.J., Sinawa, S., Blanc, G.A., & Virani, S. 2010, "Lyα-emitting Galaxies at z=2.1 in ECDF-S: Building Blocks of Typical Present-day Galaxies?", Ap. J., 714, 255 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Bond, N.A., Gawiser, E., Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., Atlmann, M., & Schawinski, K. 2009, "Sizes of Lyman-Alpha-Emitting Galaxies and Their Rest-Frame Ultraviolet Components at z=3.1", Ap. J., 705, 1686 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Lai, K., Huang, J.-S., Fazio, G., Gawiser, E., Ciardullo, R., Damen, M., Franx, M., Gronwall, C., Labbe, I., Magdis, G., & van Dokkum, P. 2008, "Spitzer Constraints on the Stellar Populations of Lyα Emitting Galaxies at z = 3.1" Ap. J., 674, 70 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Gawiser, E., Francke, H., Lai, K., Schawinski, K., Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., Quadri, R., Orsi, A., Barrientos, L.F., Blanc, G.A., Fazio, G., Feldmeier, J.J., Huang, J.-S., Infante, L., Lira, P., Padilla, N., Taylor, E.N., Treister, E., Urry, C.M., van Dokkum, P.G., Virani, S.N. 2007, "Lyα Emitting Galaxies at z = 3.1: L* Progenitors Experiencing Rapid Star Formation" Ap. J., 671, 278 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., Hickey, T., Gawiser, E., Feldmeier, J.J., van Dokkum, P.G., Urry, C.M., Herrera, D., Lehmer, B.D., Infante, L., Orsi, A., Marchesini, D., Blanc, G.A., Francke, H., Lira, P., Treister, E. 2007, "Lyα Emission-Line Galaxies at z = 3.1 in the Extended Chandra Deep Field-South" Ap. J. 667, 79 [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Gawiser, E., van Dokkum, P.G., Gronwall, C., Ciardullo, R., Blanc, G.A., Castander, F.J., Feldmeier, J., Francke, H., Franx, M., Haberzettl, L., Herrera, D., Hickey, T., Infante, L., Lira, P., Maza, J., Quadri, R., Richardson, A., Schawinski, K., Schirmer, M., Taylor, E.N., Treister, E., Urry, C.M.. Virani, S.N. 2006, "The Physical Nature of Ly-emitting Galaxies at z=3.1" [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Ciardullo, R., Feldmeier, J.J., Krelove, K., Jacoby, G.H., & Gronwall, C. 2002, "A Measurement of the Contamination in [O III] 5007 Surveys of Intracluster Stars and the Surface Density of z=3.13 Ly-alpha Galaxies," Ap. J., 566, 784. [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

Kudritzki, R.-P., Mendez, R.H., Feldmeier, J.J., Ciardullo, R., Jacoby, G.H., Freeman, K.C., Arnaboldi, M., Capaccioli, M., Gerhard, O., & Ford, H.C. 2000, "Discovery of 9 Ly-alpha Emitters at Redshift z = 3.1 Using Narrow-Band Imaging and VLT Spectroscopy," Ap. J., 536, 19. [ADS - Abstract and Full Paper]

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