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Dept. of Learning & Performance Systems 
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Finland Sabbatical BLOG & University of Oulu
Fulbright Final Report (doc file)

My publication list



IES Grant submission (PDF, web site
ALA-Reader 1.0 download (for Pathfinder KNOT)
KU-Mapper download (for Pathfinder KNOT)
ALA-Mapper 1.0 download (formerly S-Mapper)
Discuss-it software v1.0
Two-tier test software

Some Presentations
AERA 2011, AECT 2011
, AECT 2012
BSI Nijmegen 2012 KS_Theory.pptx (4 MB file)
Measuring knowledge convergence (ppt 5 MB file)
Freiburg, Germany (paper, ppt)
PA Distance Learning Association (PADLA 476k ppt)
Color research (AECT 280k ppt)
Color, error, and context (ICCNS doc) & (ppt)
Relational & prop specific (AERA doc)
NETg lecture, Limerick, Ireland (text)

Miscellaneous stuff
Online Collaborative Concept Map Activity (doc file)
A concept map description from 1924
Online Learning  A Test Mode Effect (doc file)
Structural Knowledge  High-dimensional semantic space
Science Teaching in Nepal
Media research with GSR
Distance Learning Profile Instrument

Tanzania SEKUCo Project
Overview   Curriculum   Applicants

Other International
1 year in the UK (memos) 1 MB doc file
Peace Corp Malawi PST 1984 Site placement (see ERIC ED285968)
Peace Corps Kenya PST 1983 Chris's site
Peace Corps Nepal PST 1988 (see ERIC ED300276)
Kenya culture safari presentation as html or as ppt (36mB)

  and videos (June 2007)
-- Kenya Central Highlands
-- Kenya Highlands and the Rift Valley
-- Primary School in Nakuru

-- hold this space for more videos

-- Pole Pole farewell speeches and song

Classroom Connections
My Adobe Connect v-classroom
My Ustream TV Channel

My Courses for Teachers
Analyzing Learners and Outcomes
Instructional Technology for Educators
Technology-Based Lesson Planning and Student Evaluation

My Courses for Trainers
Systematic Instructional Development
 Developing Effective Training Presentations
Design, Develop, and Evaluate Internet Resources
Design, Develop, and Evaluate Computer-Based Instruction
Managing and Consulting for Instructional Development

Technology Education and Constructivism Hand-in-Hand  at the Owen J Roberts School District (TEACH flyer)

University of Oulu
EDTECH workshop
 Monday   Tuesday
Saturday workshop for Tips teachers
  (1.2 Mb ppt)
EDTECH A41857 - Chall, Prob, & Future of EdTech
 (1.3 Mb ppt)