A tribute by Robert Reeves Robert, who played an awesome Amazing Grace on his magical saxophone after the mass.


He was on my watch many times, back in the days driving a Dodge Caravan packed with kids. Most from differing households - but we were all family. Packed with kids from the driverside passenger seat, all the way to the fold up rear bench seat for three.

He was intelligent and perceptive, sometimes stubborn and deceptive. He had notions. He had ideas. Man, that guy had promise!

Oh, we knew parks! A group of kids and parks. Nearly lived in parks. The whole lot of us. And on winter break this poster took them up north...there's some cool parks there. And shoreline.

We were family. We were constant. He was in the middle of it all. He was on my watch. He was under my parental guard. And through that, he was "my" kid!

Eventually he moved away. He grew up. He spread his wings. And yesterday...

Yesterday, he had a brilliant organist and vocalist sing on his behalf. He had 300 friends and family come out for him. Some from the other side of an ocean. He had his mother and father sitting in the front row for him. It was out of love, commitment, loyalty, and sadness. It was shared grief. It was shared support.

You had places to go. You had places to see. You had places to be. You had a lot to offer. You had a lot to give.

Tomorrow is international overdose awareness day. Yesterday was too definitive.

You are missed.

You were a good man Mr. Vaughan. A very good man.

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