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Dear Fellow Educators,

Welcome! This site is dedicated to helping educators envision and implement the ideals of Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education. Whether you are an experienced educator looking for best practices in high school and college biology education, or new to the Vision and Change movement, this site is designed to help you find the ideas and resources needed to help you transform your students’ learning – be it in a classroom, laboratory, on-line, or in field-based learning environment.

The National Association of Biology Teachers (NABT) has long championed professional development and innovative, effective teaching for biology educators at all levels. In November 2012, as part of the annual NABT Professional Development Conference, the 4-Year College and University Section held a Summit focused on Vision and Change in Dallas, Texas. We brought together leaders in the Vision and Change movement to educate NABT constituents and to begin the work of implementing the ideals of Vision and Change in our constituent’s learning environments.

If you have not yet read the AAAS report Vision and Change in Undergraduate Biology Education: A Call to Action, click here for a copy. Written after consultation with hundreds of biology educators, administrators, and students, it lays out a bold new vision to craft the 21st century classroom.  The report tackles the critical questions:

  • What content should be taught in a biology curriculum? 
  • How can research and innovative pedagogy be integrated into the varied undergraduate learning environments?
  • How are new curricula and student learning best assessed?
  • How can ongoing professional development for biology faculty be ensured?
  • How can institutional-level change be brought about to foster new pedagogies?
  • How can change from traditional curricula be fostered?

If you are interested in these questions, we welcome you to explore this site, to re-live some of the presentations, activities, and approaches shared at the 2012 Summit gathering, and to engage in our blog and connect to resources. We also invite you to join our community of 2- and 4-year NABT educators who are working together to move biology education forward in our increasingly complex world. 

Together we will change institutional learning environments and overcome institutional barriers, for the benefit of our students and society.


Jacqueline S. McLaughlin, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Founding Director, CHANCE
Penn State Lehigh Valley
2809 Saucon Valley Road
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Anneke M. Metz, Ph. D.
Instructor of Biology
Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
MEDPREP Program (Biology)
Carbondale IL 62901

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