Supported CGIs

This page describes the scripts on that are maintained and supported by OVPIT for use by Penn State students, faculty, and staff. The scripts can be viewed in PASS under the directory /pass/services/www/cgi-bin.

All of the scripts can be accessed via HTTP by using the URL: 

where CGINAME is the name of the CGI.


This CGI can be used to send email from a CGI. Read the formmail.cgi documentation for mor information.


This CGI will output the URL of the page that it is linked from. You can embed it in a web page that uses server-parsed HTML using an include directive. For example, the HTML:

        <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/referer.cgi" -->

will produce the result:


If the above output area is blank, your browser is not sending a referer header. This might happen if you have "private browsing" turned on, entered the URL manually, or used a bookmark for this page.


This CGI will output the IP address of the host requesting the CGI. For example, the HTML:

        <!--#include virtual="/cgi-bin/remote_host.cgi" -->

will produce the result:


Your IP address appears to be:

NOTE: This page does not yet support IPv6, and will give incorrect answers if you are accessing this page from an IPv6 address. See also:

You can put in just the IP address using the server side includes.

CGIs That Have Been Removed

Some CGIs that were supported in the past are no longer supported. In general these CGIs are either unused or have been replaced by other functionality. These include:

  • ph.cgi - This was an HTML to PH gateway. Users of this script should use LDAP queries.
  • ncsa/imagemap - This CGI supported server-side imagemaps. Server-side imagemaps have fallen out of favor. Their functionality has been replaced by javascript and client-side imagemaps. Server-side imagemaps make it diffucult to support screen-readers and other technology that supports accessibility.
  • Count.cgi - This CGI and related hit counter scripts have not been supported for a very long time.